Spirited away is one of the most compelling TALE of all time. Ever since it was released in 2001; the story continues to mesmerize and captivate it’s audiences in the most bizarre of ways.

Every once in a while, we wonder about the spiritual world. Does it exist? If it does? How do beings over there behave or interact among themselves.

My Tell Tales
This story is about a girl (Chihiro Ogino ), who due to circumstance crosses over to the spiritual world. Her experience there is something that, if not the most bizarre, it is surely mind bugling that her story when told and retold will impact a feeling of macabre and also a sense of bliss in a way that you can only class in the genre of Dark Fantasy
Before i tell you about the 10 year old girl that went against all odds to save her family from a situation that is not of this world. I will like to state that SPIRITED AWAY is a Japanese story written by “HAYAO MIYAZAKI“. He wrote the script based on his friend’s 10 year old daughter. The film was released in Japan on July 20 2001.
The film became the highest grossing movie in Japanese history and even over took TITANIC (In Japanese box office) which at that time was the highest grossing film world-wide.
The story was so amazing that according to wikipedia (Spirited Away received universal acclaim and is frequently ranked among the greatest animated films ever made. It won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards, making it the first (and so far only, to date) hand-drawn and non-English-language animated film to win that award.
In 2016, it was voted the fourth-best film of the 21st century  making it the highest-ranking animated film on the list. It was also named the second “Best Film of the 21st Century So Far” in 2017 by the New York Times.
Now that you know all this. I urge you to read carefully because the story i am about to tell you is not just a story, it is a masterpiece of stories. A story that would have been a highly rated psychologically scary piece; if it wasn’t made into a cartoon


A young girl and her family were relocating to their new home. After running late and behind schedule, her father decided to take a shortcut through a forest so as to meetup with the movers.

The path through the forest led them to an abandoned tunnel. In front of the tunnel was a statue with two faces. Her mum called the statue “spirit guardians of the forest”.

Behind the tunnel was an abandoned Amusement Park that Chihiro’s father insisted on exploring despite his daughter’s continuous wailing.

[Chihiro’s father]

Let’s see what is on the other side?


It’s creepy, dad. Can’t we go back?

[Chihiro’s father]

Don’t be such a chicken. C’mon let’s take a look.

Chihiro don’t cling, you will make me trip

Inside the amusement park was seemingly empty. Except for the street that had restaurants on every block and corner.

The restaurants were filled with different delicacies of food prepared exquisitely but no one was present at any of the restaurant.

[Chihiro’s Mum]

“Come on Chihiro. This foods looks delicious”

Chihiro shook her head and refused to enter.

[Chihiro’s father]

(Shouted) You’ve got customers

No one answered him and they wondered where everybody had gone.

[Chihiro’s Mum]

Don’t worry. We’ll pay when they show up.

Despite their daughter’s plead for them to leave the place. Chihiro’s Dad and Mum stuffed their mouth with different assortment of delicacies.

From Ramen, to roasted birds and beefs, they ate them all.

[Chihiro’s father]

Don’t worry, your Father is here. I have got credit cards and cash.

Chihiro pleaded with the parents to leave the place. But they didn’t heed.


“They will be mad at us. MOM, DAD”.

[Chihiro’s Mum]: Have some, Chihiro. It is very tender.

Instead, her parents continued to eat and gobbled some of the foods uncontrollably.

Chihiro left the parent and began to explore the rest of the park. She found a bridge and peeped over the side railing to see a train passing below and wondered where the train came from or its headed to.

She looked beside her to see a boy was standing staring at her. The boy appeared shocked to see her.


You can’t be here, go now.

It’s almost sundown. Go now before it gets dark.

The lights in the street lamps began to flicker as they turned on and the boy urged Chihiro to run away.


They are lighting the lamps. I’ll hold them off. Go across the river!

Chihiro ran back into the street where she left her parents. Dark clouds covered above as night came quickly. Ghostly figure began to appear all around her and the restaurants that were empty suddenly had movements all around them.

She met her parents where they were still eating.


Mum, Dad

She called her parents but they didn’t respond. They kept eating. Chihiro knew something was wrong, so she reached out and touch them. She pulled her father’s cloth to get his attention.

Chihiro was shocked to see that instead of her father, It was a big fat pig in his place. Even her mother had a pig sited in her place wearing her cloth.

Had her parent transformed to pigs? Chihiro wondered. A ghostly figure appeared and started to flog the pigs that one of them fell of the stool.

[Chihiro]: Mum, Dad

Chihiro was so scared that she ran off calling out to her dad and mum.

More ghostly figures appeared on the street and Chihiro ran past them towards the river.

The river that had little water streaming through it when Chihiro and her parent crossed earlier had overflowed. Making it impossible for Chihiro to cross back to the tunnel.

She attempted to dip herself through but her body kept going under until it became impossible to move forward without drowning.

Chihiro pulled herself back to shore and started to cry. She thought everything happening must be a dream.


It’s just a dream. Wake up, wake up, wake up

Chihiro didn’t wake up because it wasn’t a dream. She covered her face and started to cry.

She looked at her hands and realized that her body is starting to become transparent as if she is fading away.

[ Chihiro ]

I am fading away. This has to be a dream.

A ferry filled with lights approached from the river and docked at the shore. The door opened and spirit like creatures came out and moved into the streets of the amusement park.

Chihiro was so terrified that she ran into the empty area of the park.

The boy she met on the bridge came looking for her and he found her where she crouched beside an abandoned building.

Chihiro’s body was almost transparent and the boy held her close and offered her a tiny fruit to eat.

Chihiro shook her head refusing to eat.

[Chihiro]: No, no, no!


Unless you eat something from this world. You’ll disappear.

Chihiro tried to push the boy away but her hand passed through him.

The boy forced the fruit into her mouth.


Don’t worry, You wont turn into a pig.

Chihiro manage to chew the fruit and swallowed.

Shortly after her body began to be solid again that she could touch the boy’s palm.

Chihiro held the boy’s hand and asked if her parent really turned into pigs.


You can’t see them now, but you will

At that moment, an average sized bird with a human face flew above and the boy quickly bent over Chihiro and sheilded her with his body.


It is looking for you

[Boy]: There is no time, Let’s run.

Chihiro tried to stand up but her legs wouldn’t respond.


What should i do, my legs won’t work.

The boy told her to relax and take a deep breath.


In the name of the wind and water within, unbind her!

Chihiro suddenly jumped up on her feet, and the boy grabbed her hand and pulled her along the street. The boy ran very fast as if he was the wind and all the buildings glide passed swiftly. They reached a door and the boy raised his hand and the door slide open for them to pass through.

The boy continue to drag her through the building that looked like a storage house for food and drinks.

The foods there were all very big above normal. Big jars and also giant fishes.

The boy dragged her through another door and entered a room that looked like a cold room for storage.

They proceeded into another room that is used as a pigsty. A lot of big fat pigs were there and all of them raised their head and squealed as Chihiro ran passed.

Chihiro wondered if her parents were among them.

The boy dragged her across the pigsty and Chihiro wondered if her parents were among the pigs.

They exited the building to the other side of the park. A very big ancient building (bath house) stood some distance away and a small bridge in front.


Don’t breath while we are on the bridge. One tiny breath will break my spell. We don’t want anybody to see you.

Chihiro held the boy very tight as they approached the bridge.

Some animal like creatures were standing in front of the bridge talking and welcoming the spirits to the house.

[Animal creatures]

Welcome. Your presence honors us. Welcome. Greetings.

The boy walked passed the animal creatures and announced that he has finished his rounds and the creatures welcomed him back.

Take a deep breath. Hold it.

All other spirits on the bridge did not see Chihiro.

They walked passed a Dark entity who turned around and looked at Chihiro but didn’t react. He just watched her pass to the end of the bridge.

At the end of the bridge. Some females stood singing and welcoming the spirits to the building.

As Chihiro reached the end of the bridge, a frog ran towards the boy and jumped up shouting.


Master Haku. Where have you…!

Chihiro was shocked at the sight of a talking frog that she gasped and let out her breath. She quickly held her breath again but it was too late. The frog already saw her.

“A human”. The frog shouted but before it could raise an alarm. The boy cast a spell on the frog and it stood frozed in mid air.

Quickly the boy dragged Chihiro’s hand and pulled her very fast to the side of the building before any of the spirits could notice her.

Inside they building, the spirits were running about the place, calling out to the boy.

“Master Haku. We smell a human intruder. I can smell the human stench.”

Now listen. I will tell you what to do.If you stay here. They’ll find you.
I’ll distract them, while you get away.

Chihiro begged the boy to not leave her alone but the boy said he had not choice. If chihiro wants to stay there and save her parents.


So i wasn’t dreaming. They did turn into pigs.

The boy told Chihiro to take a back door and pass through a stair case to the boiler room. She should look for a person named Kamaji.

The boy said Chihiro to ask the person (Kamaji) for work and if he refuse, she should keep asking


If you don’t work, Yubaba will turn you to an animal.

Chihiro asked who Yubaba is and the boy replied that “She is the sorceress that rules our world.


She will try to trick you into leaving, but keep asking for work. The work’s hard but it will protect you. Then even Yubaba cannot harm you.

The boy stood up to leave because other spirits were calling out his name.


Remember, I am your friend, Chihiro.


How did you know my name.


Remember, you told me a long time ago. My name is Haku.

Chihiro proceeded as the boy had instructed and she ended up in the boiler room.

A man was attending to the fire and Chihiro was shocked by the sight of the man. The man was very tall and had six hands with which he did the grinding, turn a wheel, tend the fire and scratch his head.

Chihiro wanted to run back but she remembered what Haku told her that she must get a job if she is to have hope any hope of saving her parents.

The man rang a bell and some tiny black ant like creatures carried big chunks of coal and threw them in the fire.

Chihiro summoned her courage and approached the man.


Um, um. Haku sent me please let me work here.

I am Kamani, slave to the boiler that heats the bath house.


I’ve got all the help i need. There are soots everywhere. I never run out of help.

Chihiro tried all she could to appeal to Kamaji to let her work there. But he refuse that she should go elsewhere to ask for job.

Just then a female walked into the boiler room to serve Kamaji food when she saw Chihiro.

A human. You’re gonna catch it. They are having a fit about it upstairs.

Kamaji interfered saying that Chihiro is his grand daughter.


She said she needs work. I don’t need any help. Could you take her to Yubaba for me?

The lady’s name is Lin.


Not a chance. Yubaba would to kill me.

Kamaji offered Lin a bribe. He gave her a charcoal roasted newt, if she will agree to take Chihiro to see Yubaba (Sorceress of their world).

Lin agreed and asked Chihiro to follow her.

Kamaji told Chihiro to try her luck with Yubaba. That she has to sign a contract before she can work.

Lin sneaked Chihiro passed the other spirits as they took different elevators to the upper floor. Only Chihiro rode the last elevator as Lin tried to distract the other spirits from noticing her.

The upper floor was a large hall and a big door stood at the end. The door had a face carved onto the center.

Chihiro reached out to the door knob and pulled as she tried to open it.

“Can’t you even knock?”. The faced carved into the door spoke. and continued.

“What a plain little girl”

The door unlocked itself and several other doors within also opened within. Chihiro was afraid to enter, just as she heard a voice from within saying “Now, come, I said come”.

It was as if some kind of a force held Chihiro and pulled her through the doors and inner rooms where the person must have spoken from. The doors closed behind her as she passed and the force that compelled her threw her face down into a big large room that was lit by a fireplace.

Three heads without bodies bounced and rolled out of the darken part of the room and surrounded her. Chihiro was very afraid and the heads continues to bounce and make weird sounds.

“What a racket. Could you be quiet” Someone said.

An old woman with a very big head and long white hair sat at a table writing. The woman’s hair was wrapped in a ball and held together with a pin on top which made her head even more bigger.

Chihiro realized that the woman must be be Yubaba.


Please… Let me work here

The woman that was busy writing paused and looked up at Chihiro for the first time. She raised up her hand and made a gesture as if closing a zip and at that instant, Chihiro’s lips sealed together and she could not open them.

Yubaba smokes her pipe as Chihiro asks for work.


“Stop your babbling. Why do i need a weakling like you?

Besides, This is not a place for humans.

Millions of spirits come here to purge themselves of toil and care.

Your parents, my goodness!

They certainly had got some nerves.

Gobbling our guests’ food like a couple of pigs.

Just desert, i’d say.

And as for you. You will never see your world again either.

You’d make a lovely piglet or perhaps a lump of coal.”

Chihiro was trembling where she stood and Yubaba sucked on her smoke pipe and exhales a large smoke through her nose. Then she laughed hysterically.


“Trembling aren’t you?

Still am impressed you made it this far.

Someone must have helped you.

I must thank your friend.

Just who was it , my dear.

You can tell me.”

Yubaba made another gesture with her hand and Chihiro’s lips unsealed itself.

Chihiro remember what Haku told her about getting a job if she wants to survive.


Please, let me work here


Not that again.

[Chihiro] (Shouting)

I want to work here.


Shut your mouth.

Yubaba angrily flew from from her desk and landed in front of Chihiro.


“Why should i hire you?

Anyone can see that you’re a lazy…

spoiled,stupid crybaby

What job would i possibly have for someone like you..

I have got all the bums i need.

Or maybe i give you the nastiest job i have.

And work you day and night.

Until you breath your very last breath.”

Yubaba threatens Chihiro.

At that moment. Yubaba’s baby woke up and started to cry from an inner room.

Yubaba’s baby is a giant so as he turns, the whole room shook. Yubaba quickly ran to pet the baby, She told Chihiro to get out. But Chihiro refused and continued to ask for a job.

Yubaba begged Chihiro to keep her voice down so as not to disturb her baby but Chihiro continued to shout and request for a job.

Finally, Yubaba agreed to give Chihiro work if she keeps her voice down.

Yubaba finished calming her baby to sleep. So she returned and gave Chihiro a contract to sign.

“Sign at the bottom” she said.

As Chihiro bent down to write her name on the signature space, Yubaba laments about her position as the ruler of the place. As it is that she once took an Oath that she must always give work to whoever requests for work.

Yubaba collected the contract Examined.


“Chihiro is your name right?

From now on your name will be SEN”.

Yubaba called in Haku and instructed him to give Chihiro work.

Haku asked Chihiro what her name is and she hesitated before replying that her name is “Sen”.

Haku led Chihiro out the door to the lower sections.

Chihiro attempted to talk to Haku but Haku interrupted her saying that, “No idle chatter. From now on, Call me Master Haku”.

Chihiro was surprised and therefore kept quiet, while the elevator arrived at the lower level.

The other spirits below were surprised when they learnt that Yubaba allowed Chihiro to sign the contract. Some of the spirits protested.

“Don’t send her to us. She stinks to high heaven” One of the spirits said.

Haku tried to persuade the spirits that Chihiro will not stink anymore after she eats their food for three days. If after three days, she doesn’t measure up, the spirits should do with her, whatever they pleased.

Haku assigned Chihiro to be Lin’s assistant. (Lin is the female that help Chihiro to reach Yubaba).

Chihiro was still surprised at Haku’s behavious to her in the lift that she asked Lin if there was two Haku in the place.


Two of that one. I sure hope not.

There is only one Haku. He is Yubaba’s apprentice.

Be careful around him.

Lin gave Chihiro a pair of the workers’ cloth that fits her and urged her to be strong that she will get through it.

That night; When the workers were asleep. Haku entered the room where Chihiro was sleeping. Chihiro pretended to be asleep when Haku touched her shoulder and told her to meet him by the bridge that he will take her to her parents

Chihiro wore her cloth and left for the bridge.

At the bridge she saw a dark entity standing at the middle. The same one that saw her when she held her breath earlier.

The entity kept its gaze on Chihiro as she started to cross the bridge.

Chihiro walked pass the entity and bowed her head just as she passed and when she has paased it, she ran as fast as she could to the other end of the bridge.

The entity just looked at her but didnt react.

Chihiro turned around but there was nothing there and it made her wonder.

Haku approached her from behind and asked her to follow him. He led her through a flower garden until they reached a place where all the pigs are kept (pigsty).

Chihiro ran to a corner where two pigs were asleep in the mud and called out to her parents but the pigs were not responsive.


Are they sick. Are they hurt?


They are just sleeping. Their stomachs are full.

They don’t remember they were humans.

Chihiro struggled to hold back her tears as she spoke.


Listen to me. I promise i’ll save you.

Don’t get too fat or they will eat you.

She ran out of the pigsty and sat by a corner.

Haku gave her her old cloths and ask her to hide them for when she is to go back home. Inside the cloth, was a farewell card given to her when they were moving away. Chihiro read the name on the card.


Chihiro… That is my name?


Yubaba controls us by stealing our names.

You’re SEN here. Keep your real name a secret.


She almost got my name. I was beginning to turn to Sen.


Without your real name. You will never find your way home.

I no longer remember mine.

But it is strange. I remember yours.

Haku gave Chihiro food to eat but she refused saying that she is not hungry. Haku convinced her to eat because he had put a spell on the food to give he her strength back.

As Chihiro bite into the food and chew. It tasted nice that she started to eat it hurriedly and then tears started to fall from her eyes.

Tears fell as she ate.

Chihiro couldn’t control her emotions anymore that she broke down in tears, covering her eyes as she cried.

Chihio started to cry aloud.

Haku put his hand around her and said. “You have had a rough time. Take eat more.”

Chihiro took more food in both hands and ate as she continued to cry.

Haku walked her back to the bridge and Chihiro promised to work hard , then ran off across the bridge. When she reached the other side of the bridge. She looked back and saw a white dragon flying away through the sky and she wonder what or who it was.

As she returned back to the building, the dark entity that was at the bridge appeared and started to follow her.

The routine for the place is that they sleep during the day and at night they wake up and take care of the needs of the spirits.

According to Yubaba, a lot of spirits come there everyday to ease themselves of the turmoil and stress of life.

Chihiro started with the smaller chores and moved up to cleaning and mopping the floors. It was hard at first but gradually she improved. Lin was always there to assist her and give her tips.

The more Chihiro got used to her environment, the more her hope of ever returning to her world fades but Chihiro had sworn that she will free her parents and that is what gave her strength to continue.

Some of the hire rank spirits that were in charge don’t like Lin. One day they told Lin and Chihiro to move to cleaning bath tubs. Lin protested that it was the frogs’ duty to clean bathtubs but the order was from above.

Chihiro carried a bowl of dirty water to go and empty outside. As she opened the door, she noticed that someone was watching her.

It was the entity at the bridge. It had followed her to the building.

The entity had followed her.

A heavy rain was falling outside.


Aren’t you getting wet?

The entity did not respond.

Lin called Chihiro to come inside so they can go and wash the bathtub.

[Chihiro] (to the entity)

I will leave this open. (She opened the door down and left).

The entity stepped through the door and disappeared.

Lin and Chihiro were made to work extra.

Yubaba was upstairs in her quarters examining her jewelries and counting her wealth, when all of a sudden, she paused.


Something is coming.

Is some good for nothing using the rain to sneak in?

Yubaba made a call to the reception and told them that there is an intruder in the building. They should figure it out.

Chihiro notice the entity that was outside was now everywhere she went. The entity also helped her to get soap tabs from the reception when they wouldn’t give her.

The entity tried to talk to Chihiro but no sound came out, then it disappeared.

Outside; a big stinking spirits was approaching the bathhouse and the spirits inside ran helter-skelter because of the smell .


It is a stink spirit.

Yubaba sent for Chihiro and told her that she will be in charge of the stink spirit. Chihiro tried protest but Yubaba silenced her.


Pay attention, This is your debut.

Remember one peep out of you and you’re coal.

Lin was not around because she went to get food for them. Chihiro had to manage on her own, while Yubaba watched and made jest of her from above.

As Chihiro bath the spirit in the bath tub. She discovered that the stink spirit had a metal stuck in its side and Chihiro tried to help remove it.

When Yubaba saw what Chihito was trying to do, she realized that something was not right.

“A stink spirit shouldn’t have any metal stuck in it, unless it is not a stink spirit.” Yubaba thought. Yubaba flew downstairs and called all the occupants of the bathhouse to assist. She gave Chihiro a rope to tie around the thorn and everybody present pulled until the metal came out.

It appeared that the Stink spirit wasn’t a stink spirit but rather the guardian of a river. All the dirty thrown in the river had polluted it.

In the end the spirit poured out treasures and gold from the river and every spirit present were happily packing it.

Yubaba tried to claim all the treasures but the other spirits continued to pack as much as they could.

The stink spirit that was once muddy and smelling had now transformed into a creature of light.

The spirit looked at Chihiro and thanked her for her help. In appreciation it gave Chihiro a fruit. and left.

All the beings present were happy and even Yubaba was excited and she hugged Chihiro out of Joy.


“SEN (Chihiro) you are a wonder.

You have made us a fortune.

Everyone learn from SEN (Chihiro).”

Yubaba ordered free drinks for everyone, and and all of them cheered. Afterwards Yubaba ordered everybody to drop the treasures they had picked up.

That was how Chihiro was accepted among the spirits.

That night they all celebrated. Chihiro sat at the balcony and Lin brought them food.

Chihiro was concerned that Haku missed the whole thing.


“Not Haku again.!

Sometimes he just disappears.

They say Yubaba makes him do bad stuff.”

Chihiro tried to eat out of the fruit the guardian spirit of the river had given her but it tasted bitter. So she concluded that the fruit could probably turn her parents back into humans if they eat it. So Chihiro hid the fruit for when she was ready to take her family away from there.

That night one of the frog creatures returned the bathtub to search for treasure left behind or any which Yubaba forgot to confiscate. While he searched. the entity which Chihiro let inside appeared to the frog.


The entity dropped a piece of gold on the floor and the frog picked it up.


“Who are you?

You are no customer.

You’re not allowed in there.”

The entity raised it’s palm and 2 more pieces of gold appeared and it dropped it for the frog to pick them up. The frog was very happy. The entity made more gold and poured them on the floor in a way that the frog will move closer while picking them.

You can make gold?

The frog moved closer to collect the gold from the entity but before he could reach, the entity grabbed the frog and a big mouth with giant teeth appeared from it’s body and it gobbled and swallowed the frog.

“Who’s down here? It’s way past lights out.” Someone approaching said .

The entity poured more gold on the floor and spoke.


Hey boss, I’m hungry. Starved, in fact. There I’ll pay you now.

The person thought that the voice sounded familiar but when the entity poured more gold on the floor, all reasoning left him.


I am a customer. I want a bath. Wake everybody up!

Meanwhile Chihiro ran to the pigsty to give the fruit to her parents, but she couldn’t recognize which of the pigs were her parents, and then she realized that it was all a dream… An awful dream.

Lin told Chihiro about the customer that had everybody awake. The customer has been extravagant, ordering for things and tipping thin workers in gold. Lin showed Chihiro her gold piece.

Gold he gave me a real gold.

The entity was served different meal and it ate all of them as if it is trying to makeup for all the food it never ate.

Throw us some gold.

Chihiro was still distraught about the dream she had. and she wondered if she would be able to recognize her mother and father.

She sat at the balcony staring out at sea when she saw the white dragon from earlier been chased by some paper origami (birds). The dragon tried to escape but the paper birds pursues it and even injured.

Chihiro felt like she knew the reality of the dragon and she shouted “Haku don’t give up. Over here”.

Paper bird fought with the dragon.

The dragon struggled and crashed into Chihiro’s room. The paper birds chased after him but Chihiro shut the door before they could enter. They crashed and then flew away..

The dragon rose up and blood dripped from its body. Chihiro called out to it.

[Chihiro]: Haku is that really you?

The dragon angrily flew out the balcony and staggered towards Yubaba’s quarters. Blood splattered everywhere.

Chihiro thought that Haku must need her help, so she chased after it. One of the damages paper bird that was on the floor rose up and attached itself to Chihiro’s back.

Animated paper trailing Chihiro from behind.

Mean while in the hall. the occupants entertained the entity by singing and dancing.

They sang and danced.


“Now the richest man in the whole world…

Has come to grace us with his presence.

Now let us appeal to his generosity.”

Everybody held a container over their head shouting “Please, sir! Over here”.

Chihiro ran through the crowded hall on her way to Yubaba’s quarters but the crowd wouldn’t let her pass. She ended up face to face with the entity.

One of the officials tried to drive her away saying that “Out of the way, we have guest”. But the entity prevented him.

The entity Entity sprang a huge pile of gold from it’s palm and offered them to Chihiro.

Everybody was shocked.

Chihiro refused the gold by apologizing and saying that ” I don’t need it. I’m busy please excuse me.”

Chihiro ran off.

The Entity felt disappointed and let all the gold pour to the floor. The crowd all roared and scrambled to pick the gold pieces from the floor.

Everybody rushed to pick gold.

One of the official tried to apologize for Chihiro’s behavior saying that “The girl is new and a human”.

The Entity out of anger grabbed the official and another female that was picking gold and it swallowed them in front of everybody.

Entity angrily swallowed some of the crowd.

“He ate them”. The crowd shouted and everybody scurried for their dear lives as the Entity chased and gobbled anybody it caught up with.

Meanwhile Chihiro had to climb over pipes to get to Yubaba’s quarters. Unknown to her that one of the paper birds still to her behind.

Chihiro arrived at Yubaba’s quarters and she heard Yubaba making a call and complaining to the people’s downstairs.


“That is not right. A no face!

Your greed has attracted quite a guest.

Don’t do anything until i get down there”.

Yubaba looked at her carpet stained with the blood of the dragon and got annoyed.


“Just look at this carpet.

Get Haku out of here.

He’s useless to me now.”

Chihiro had to hide where Yubaba’s baby slept, so that Yubaba would not find her. Yubaba kissed her baby and went away to attend to the situation outside.

Chihiro attempted to leave but the baby held her arm very tight that it hurt.

“Thanks for helping me. Please let me go” Chihiro begged but the baby held her arm tighter.


“You came to make me sick.

The outside has bad germs.

You will get sick out there.

Stay here and play with me”

The baby threatened to start crying so that Yubaba will come and kill Chihiro if she doesn’t play with her.

[Baby]: I will break your little arm if you don’t play with me.

The baby insisted that Chihiro must play with her now, That Chihiro had to threaten the baby with the blood stain on her hand.

“Blood! See? It’s Blood!” Chihiro said pointing her palm at the Baby’s face.

The baby became hysterical and started to cry.

Chihiro ran to help Haku [Dragon] but Yubaba’s bird started to fight her.

Go away!

Yubaba’s baby came out of the room and also threatened to start crying if Chihiro doesn’t play with him.

I am not afraid of blood anymore.
I’ll cry if you don’t play.

The baby started to cry….

At that moment, the paper bird that stuck to Chihiro’s back flew up and spoke.


“What a racket. Simmer down.

You are a little butterball, aren’t you?”

The paper landed and transformed into a version of Yubaba and all of them was stunned. even the baby.

“Oh dear, can’t you even tell me from your mother”. The version of Yubaba said

The new version of Yubaba transformed the Baby into a small rat. She turned Yubaba’s bird into a small fly. And turned the three body-less heads into Yubaba’s baby.

Yubaba’s baby transformed to a small rat.

The new Yubaba threatened to bewitch Chihiro if she told anyone what happened.


Who are you?

[New Yubaba]

“Yubaba’s older twin sister.

Thanks to you, i have a nice tour of the place.

Now handover the dragon.”


What are you going to do?

He needs help.

Yubaba’s sister’s name is ZENIBA.


That dragon’s a thief.

He works for my sister.

He stole a valuable seal from my house.


Haku would never do that.

He’s too kind.


All dragons are kind. Kind and stupid

and eager to learn my sister’s magical ways.

This boy will do anything that greedy woman wants.

Now step aside. It’s too late for him anyway.

The thing he stole had a protection spell.

Now the thief will die.

At the moment. The dragon woke up and used its tail to smash the piece of paper attached itself to Chihiro. Afterwards Zeniba’s image disappeared as it seemed that she was using the paper as a conduit to project her powers there.

At that moment, the floor opened as Chihiro, the dragon, the rat and fly, all fell through in to a deep long dark tunnel that extended down without end. Chihiro sat on the dragon’s back and it guided them through another tunnel that they crashed through the airways into the boiler room.

Kamiji (The man with six hands which Chihiro earlier asked for work) was surprised to see them. “What is going on here” He said.

The dragon fainted and Chihiro asked if Kamaji could save the dragon but Kamaji replied that “Something inside him is eating him up”.

Chihiro took the fruit which the river guardian had given her earlier that she was saving to give to her parent, She cut half of it and forced it into the dragon’s mouth.

The dragon didn’t want to swallow but chihiro held it’s mouth shut with force. After a while of struggling,the dragon swallowed it and then spat out a black acidic substance and a black wormy bug. The substance melted away to reveal a seal.

the black substance became a worm and crawled away.

Chihiro ran and squashed the slimy bug with her feet. Kamaji announced that the spell has been purged out of Haku.

The dragon transformed back into Haku.

Kamaji gave him water to drink but Haku was very ill from the spell that he just lay unresponsive.

Kamaji explained that has turned up just the same was Chihiro did and he said he wanted to learn magic. That he tried to warn him that becoming a sorcerer’s apprentice is dangerous business.


He wouldn’t listen.

But he kept saying that he’s lost his home.

So he signed to be Yubaba’s apprentice.

He got paler and paler as time went by and got a sharp gleam in his eye”


Chihiro told Kamaij that she will return the seal to Zeniba. Apologize to her and ask her to help Haku.

Kamaji said Zeniba is a scary Sorceress but Chihiro nsited that Haku helped her and now she has to help him.


Getting there is one thing. Getting back is the problem

Lin came and told Chihiro that Yubaba had been looking for her everywhere. She also told Chihiro that the entity that was throwing gold turned out to be a “No face”.


Yubaba said that you let him in.

Chihiro thought about it and admitted that she opened the door for the entity that she thought he was a customer.


“He already swallowed three people”

Kamaji finished searching through the drawer and returned with train tickets. He told Chihiro to get off at the sixth stop, called Swamp Buttom.

Kamaji told Chihiro that there used to be a return train but this days, it is only one way. If she goes, she might not be able to return.

Chihiro said she will walk back the tracks. But first she will talk to Yubaba before she leave.

[Lin]:What’s going on here
[Kamaji]: Don’t you understand it’s Love.

Everybody were scared because the entity (No face) keep getting bigger, as they have to feed it so it doesn’t eat them.

Chihiro walked passed and everybody kept quiet and murmured that it is her fault.

Yubaba was inside the room with the entity trying to placate it that “SEN (Chihiro) will be here soon”.

The entity spoke that it wants SEN (Chihiro.

Yubaba rushed out and told Chihiro to win the entity over and also collect all his gold.

collect all his gold!

Yubaba saw the rat and fly on Chihiro’s shoulders and didn’t recognize her son.


What’s this filthy rat.


Don.t you recognize him?.


of course not. how disgusting.

The entity (no face) had grown very big.

Chihiro knelt down in front of it.

The entity offered Chihiro food saying that “It is yummy”.

It also offered Chihiro gold. a lot of gold.

Chihiro kept silent and just at the entity.


What do you want?

You can tell me.


“Where do you come from.

There is someplace i have to go right away.

You should go home.

You can’t give me what i want.”

The entity started to feel disappointed.


“Where is your home?

You must have a mom and dad”.



I’m lonely… So lonely…

Chihiro asked if the entity was lost.


Sen (Chihiro)… I want sen.

Take the gold”.

Chihiro asked if the entity would eat her, as the entity try to force her to take the gold.


Before you eat me. eat this first.

Chihiro brought out the remaining half of the fruit that she saved for her parent and threw it in the entity’s mouth.

The entity swallowed the fruit and afterwards, it started to feel unwell that it’s skin that had become thick and bulky started to shed and fall off and it vomited.



You little wench!

What did you feed me?

The Entity angrilly charged at Chihiro that she open that door and ran.

The Entity pursued her through the hall and passage way that everybody scrambled for their own safety.

“Chihiro ran through the hall

im over here

Yubaba tried to stop the entity. She conjured fire out of the air and threw it at the entity, but no effect.

The entity vomited food in it’s belly on Yubaba’s face, covering her in a pool of decayed slimy substances.

“I’m over here!” Chihiro shouted as the entity chased her and she led it out of the building.

The entity got tired as it’s skin continued to shed off. It vomited the two people it had eaten earlier.

the entity began to reduce in size.


You will pay for this

Chihiro led the entity outside where Lin was waiting for her on a boat.

The road had be flooded by an ocean that they needed a boat to get to the train track.

The entity had now returned to its formal size and ghostly nature. It had shed its body and skin off. It is now sober that it wanted to apologise to Chihiro.

Lin dropped Chihiro off and warned her not to let the entity follow her but Chihiro replied that “He needs to get out of there. It’s bad for him”.

[Lin]: “No face. Hurt her and you’ll get it from me”

The train arrived and Chihiro asked if the wanted to follow her to where she was going and it nod it’s head positively.


Alright behave yourself.

The train rode through the ocean.

Chihiro sat with the entity, the rat, the fly and other ghostly beings that had boarded the train.

[Chihiro]: “Alright behave yourself”.

The train continued through the spirit world as different spirits alighted at their destination until it remained only Chihiro and her companions.

Meanwhile: Haku woke up and Kamaji told him everything that happened.

Haku decided to go and meet Yubaba where i her quarters where she sat giving orders.


That fool, Sen!

She just cost me a fortune.

This gold will barely cover for the damage

One of the workers mentioned that they were saved because of Chihiro’s actions.



She started the whole thing.

Now she’s run away.

Abandoned her parents.

Yubaba stated that Chihiro’s parents would be fat enough now, that they should turn them into bacon or ham.

Haku interrupted her and Yubaba was surprised at his new confidence that she mentioned that has gotten pretty fresh.


Since when do you talk that way.

Haku told Yubaba that her sister Zeniba played a trick on her and Yubaba cannot see it.

Yubaba was offended when she realized that her so who sat beside her eating is not actually her son. It is the body-less heads that were transformed in to her so.

Yubaba freaked out.

That witch thinks she’s beaten me.

Haku offered to bring back Yubaba’s son in return, she must allow Chihiro and her parent return to their world.


And what about you.

Maybe i’ll send them back and tear you to pieces

Mean while:

Chihiro and her companions arrived at swamp bottom.

An animated street lantern walked up to them and bowed down to greet them.

Animated lantern

The lantern led them to Zeniba’s house, where she was waiting for them.

Zeniba offered them tea and Chihro quickly returned the seal Haku stole and apologised on behalf of Haku.


Do you know what this is?

And you held it and nothing happened to you.

Chihiro told zeniba about the bug that Haku vomited along with the seal and how she squashed it. Chihiro apologized for squashing it.

Zeniba laughed and said that the bug was what Yubaba used to control Haku.

Zeniba told Chihiro that she and Yubaba are twins but they don’t get along. Two halves of same coin and her sister had bad taste. She said that she wish she could help her but there is a rule that prevents her.

She said that Chihiro would have to save her parents and boyfriend all by herself.

Chihiro said that she don’t understand it but she feels she and Haku met a long time ago.

Everything that happens stays inside you. Even if you can’t rememeber it.


She told them to stay the night since it was already late.

Zeniba started to spin thread in a wheel and the entity (no face) assisted her.

She commended the entity saying that “see? You have talent for this”.

Zeniba thought no-face how to knit.

Chihiro was saddened that she requested to live already. She said Haku might die while she’s here or they might eat her parents.

Zeniba gave Chihiro a knit thread and told her to tie her hair it with.

“It will protect you. I made it from the thread we spun” Zeniba said.

Chihiro went outside and found the dragon waiting for her. She ran and hugged it.

Haku. I’m glad to see you.

Zeniba sent Chihiro, the rat and the fly to go with Haku and asked the entity (no face) to stay with her and become her helper.

Haku flew them through the sky.

Chihiro remembered something and told Haku.


I don’t remember this but my mum told me that when i was little.

I fell into a river.

The name of the river is KOHAKU.

I think your name is Kohaku.

Immediately Chihiro mentioned this to the dragon, the dragon transformed into Haku and they both fell through the sky holding hands.

They fell through the sky.


Chihiro Thank you.

My real name is Nighayimi Kohaku Nushi

Chihiro said the name sounded like a guardian spirit.

Haku said he remembered now that Chihiro had falling into his river when she was a child and he carried her to shallow waters.

Chihiro was so happy tears fell from her eyes.

Haku held Chihiro’s hand and the began to fly across the ocean.

Mean while:

Yubaba was pacing outside and everybody at the bathhouse were awaiting their arrival.

Lin shouted and pointed at the sky saying “here they come”.

Everybody cheered.

The rat transformed to Yubaba’s son (BO) and Yubaba was very excited that she hugged him tight.

Yubaba asked the child when he learnt to stand on his own?

Haku urged Yubaba to withhold her promise by letting Chihiro and her parents return to the human world.


Sorry, but it’s not that simple.

This world has rules you know.

The crowd began to boo Yubaba but when she threatening them. Everybody kept silent.

[Yubaba’s Baby (BO)]

Just do it Baba.

Don’t be so mean.

If you make SEN (Chihiro) cry.

I won’t like you anymore.

Yubaba led Chihiro to where a set of pigs were kept and asked Chihiro to tell which of them is her parents. Only if she guesses correctly would she and her parents be allowed to leave the place.

Which are your parents

Chihiro looked at the well because if she pick wrongly, she might never go home.

pick and go free.


Dad and Mom aren’t here.


Is that your answer?

Chihiro said “yes” and immediately the contract which Yubaba held burst into flame and disintegrated.

The pigs transformed into the worker as non of they were Chihiro’s parents.

The crowd cheered.


Thank you everyone.


All right!

You win, just get out of here.

Thank you for everything.

Haku led Chihiro the the riverbed which is now dry. Just as when Chihiro first crossed over.

time to go back

Haku said he couldn’t go any further.

Haku said he will quit his apprenticeship with Yubaba and now he can go anywhere he wants.

He told Chihiro to go and don’t look back until she is out of the place.


Promise we would see again.


I promise

Chihiro saw her Mum and Dad waving at here from afar.

Mum and Dad.

Her mum warned her to not run around anymore and her Dad said they should get going. They didn’t remember all that happened.


Hurry, the moving van will be here soon.

Chihiro wanted to look back but she remember that Haku said she shouldn’t look back.

She ran after her parents, through the tunnel and back at their car.

Chihiro held her mum tight, worried about what they will see when they reach outside.


Chihiro. Don’t cling. You’ll make me trip.

Look at all this leaves

Her Dad commented that the car was dusty and filled with leaves.

Chihiro finally looked back.

Everything was normal.

Her parents called her to enter they car. And they all left.

The END.


Spirited away is a classic work and tale of significant value. It is funny and also intriguing. There are so many characters in the tale and some only had to say one or two things. But all of them fit together makes up the entire story.


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