(Prequel to The-Other-Side)

This is an archive of the adventures of Adekunle, before he became as we all know him to be.

Someday in the future, Adekunle will do great thing. But just like everybody else. Even he has to grow up first.

This is the compilation of the life a peculiar boy that even though he was destined to be great, he still have to struggle to become who he is.

(Adekunle the Forsaken)

What is Life?

If it is not the beginning of a Journey.

Who am I?

That is the question we all ask ourselves,

when it seems that life as we perceive it to be is not what we thought.

What is my destiny?

That is the reason we are all here.

We have to find out.

my tell tales


Chronicles of Adekunle part 1 cover image

Long ago. Not that long ago but long enough to a period when the world still believes in spirits and technology hasn’t taken much of people’s attention.

Though few years from this time, technology will prevail and everybody’s life will be dependent on one or more technology for happiness.

But the time I am referring to is before the advent social communication.

Before the time when people sit and stare at monitors just to make themselves laugh.

Before the time when people carry small screens in their pockets everywhere they go and they type on the screens and keypads and calls it chatting.

I am talking of the time when telephones had wires and news still hold credibility.

A brief moment between the time of the past and the time before everything change.

Faraway in the country Nigeria, in a state of Lagos. On a night just like every normal night but only that everything is not normal.

The cry of a woman echoed through the walls of a hospital as she was about to give birth.

“Push push” The nurses shouted and the woman strains her muscles in search of relieve.

The time was 11:59pm and a heavy wind blew outside. At the final stroke of midnight, the woman gave her final push and a baby boy was born.

At that moment, a lightning struck outside and the whole building shuddered. The power supply cuts off and everywhere was thrown into darkness.

The nurses had to light candles to see and clean up the baby.

          “Is my baby alright. Why is he not crying” The woman asks.

The nurses examines the baby to be sure his nostril is clear.

          “Your baby is fine, very fine” a nurse says as she cleans the baby.

          “Don’t worry, he will cry” The doctor in charge said as he collected the baby and with two fingers; he taps the baby’s buttocks. The baby didn’t cry.

          “Wow he is a tough guy.” The doctor joked.

The baby clenched both fist tight and several attempts by the nurses to open them proved abortive.

The doctor took a needle and syringe and injected the baby in his bottom. Just as feeble as a whisper, the baby opened his mouth and let out a small cry.

The baby cried twice and after which he became silent again.

          “There you go” The doctor said and he hands over the baby to the mother.

          “I think your son would be a boxer” The doctor commented referring to the baby’s clenched fists.

The lightning struck more closely outside and the furniture resonated. The woman held her tiny baby closer to her chest and sang

          “Adekunle omo mi o (my son)”.

          “Is that his name?” One of the nurses asked.

The mum kissed his cheek and smiled.

          “Yes his name is Adekunle”.

*        *        *

          Adekunle’s early years was not without complications. As the case is; Adekunle is not what you call an ordinary child.

He spoke his first word when he was 4 month old and by the time he was eight month; he was already making constructive sentences.

Adekunle started walking without assistance before he was a year old. Everybody acknowledged that he was not like other kids.

          “Your son is a special boy.” People would say and his mum use to thank them for their compliments but deep inside she was really worried.

By the time Adekunle was two years old, he started school. His teachers always were amazed by his intelligence and how composed he used to be among the other kids.

Adekunle doesn’t make noise in class or do rough plays. His uniform was always neat and his alphabets were constantly spelt without errors.

All he does in his break time was sit quietly and watch other kids play or he would draw in his sketchbook.

Usually Adekunle’s drawings were of animals, fruits, trees, sun, moon, some weird elements and structures and also angels.

          “How do you know about angels?” The teacher asked him one day.

          “I see them” Adekunle replied and the teacher thought that he’d probably seen them in movies or books.

The amazing thing about Adekunle’s drawings were the details he always ascribe.

Though the drawings were not exact in comparison but he makes sure he represents ever aspect.

          “His level of attention and focus is too much for a 2 year old” The class teacher once told a colleague while they were discussing Adekunle.

One day; the teacher noticed something strange among his drawings. It was not the usual drawing. This was different. As a matter of concern; the teacher thought it to be bizarre.

Adekunle had drawn a picture of his class mates all lying on the floor, blood spilled all over the ground. He drew his teacher at her desk; her eyes were burnt out.

He drew something else, something dark, formless and obscene that it scared the teacher.

          “What is this that you drew here?” The teacher asked pointing at the dark formless figure in Adekunle’s book.

          “He is a demon” Adekunle replied.

          “Ohh I see and how do you know that a demon looks like this?” The teacher asked.

          “Because I see it?” Adekunle replied.

The teacher becoming more disturbed asked again “Where. Where did you see it?”

Adekunle looked at the teacher. He looked around the class for a moment then turn to face the teacher.

          “In the classroom” He replied.

The teacher’s hands were already shaking out of anxiety. She looked around the classroom but she doesn’t see anything.

          “Where in the classroom?” The teacher asked.

Adekunle’s eyes were blank when he spoke. The teacher couldn’t read any reaction or emotion in them. He lifted his finger and points behind the teacher.

          “It is behind you.” He said.

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