What will you do?
If you had the opportunity to either save the world or condemn it.
What will you do?
 If the only way to end peoples suffering, is to end them.
What will you do?
If you have to choose between your happiness and the world.

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[The Twins]

Everything about today is unnatural.

The outside air is stagnant and there is this foul smell that spreads all through the environs that makes Fagbamila to think of it as awkward.

          “Today is not a good day” he said to himself as he left his house for duty.

Fagbamila is a local vigilante securing the suburban area of Iju Shaga. He is known for his ruthlessness against criminals and misfits that his reputation precedes him.

No thief has ever ventured into his expanse and not be caught. People believed that Fagbamila was not an ordinary person.

As a matter of fact; people knew that all his exploits were with the aid of spiritual assistance and Fagbamila didn’t try to pretend otherwise.

On this day; Fagbamilla checked the time on his watch and it reads 9:34pm.

He was already bored of staying at home so he decided to check in to his security post early for night shift.

He held his gun in his left hand, a bottle of dry gin tucked under his right arm and he wore his protective charm which was a necklace made out of woven red cloth.

The charm had protected him from many spiritual and physical harms in the past that he doesn’t leave the house without it.

He had walk from his house and took a turn at the next junction. He noticed that everything around seemed strange. Furthermore; the air was stationary and the odd smell still persevered.

The streets looked unusual and empty. The night sky was covered in thick dark clouds as if rain would fall but that was not the cause of the eccentric feeling he felt deep inside his back bone.

          “Something is not right today” He thought as he pulled a sit from the small security room and sat beside the road.

He opened the bottle of gin which he carried and took a long gulp. He looked at the bottle as if trying to clarify the authenticity and he took another gulp for confirmation.

          “This gin is fake or it has been mixed with water.” He said aloud and stared at the label on the half emptied bottle.

His gun was placed on his lap and he tilt himself sideway to drop the bottle on the ground. Just as he turned his head, someone passed in front of him.

He only saw the person from the corner of his eyes but he knew it was a female. Quickly he sat up and tried to look at her but she was moving very fast.

          “I wonder where she is running to” He thought.

He bent sideways again to pick his flash light from the ground and when his head was turned away, someone else passed in front of him yet again.

Just as before, he quickly turn his head to get a glimpse of the person. Unlike the woman whom he saw her rear side, this person was not visible to him.

He switched on his flashlight and tried to see the person but even with his eyes strained, it was not possible.

He could still see the woman moving fast ahead and he knew someone else chased after the woman but why can’t he see the person.

          “Is something wrong with my eyes” He questioned himself.

He looked around and realised that the surrounding darkness was not natural, he could not see anything. The tingling he felt in his back bone increased.

          “Something is not right.” He said and rose up to his feet.

He could still see the woman running ahead and he could also see something was following her.

Whatever it is that the woman is up to or whatever evil that is actuating. “Not on my watch” He said aloud.

Fagbamila was in the military in his early years. He had been a local vigilante for more than 30 years and he has been securing this environment for up to 14years.

He knew all the paths and route that leads everywhere.

Quickly he ran after the woman and took a shortcut that would put him ahead of her. After taking a turn at an intersection, he arrived on the route just ahead of the woman.

He could see the woman approaching but not the person behind her.

          “You there halt. Stop” Fagbamila shouted but the woman didn’t listen.

She was very much closer now and he could see that she held something in her arms closer to her chest.

Fagbamila pointed his gun up and fired a shot into the air. The sound of gunshot echoed that it startled the woman and she stopped in her track.

          “I said stop or I will shoot you” Fagbamila threatened.

The woman looked rather scared and nervous that she was constantly turning her head left, right and back trying to see if someone else was coming.

          “Who are you, why are you running?” Fagbamila asked but the woman didn’t reply.

          “What is that in your hand?” Fagbamila questioned again referring to what the woman covered with cloth and held to her chest.

He reached out his hand and pulled open the piece of cloth to reveal a child.

          “Whose child is that? Where are you taking him” Fagbamila continued to question.

The woman looked at him for the first time as if she only just noticed his presence and said.

          “Help us please. Help us, he wants to kill us” and she tried to leave but Fagbamila grabbed her hand.

          “Tell me what is happening, who wants to kill you?” Fagbamila asked.

The woman’s looked behind her and Fagbamila’s eyes trailed along to see that someone or something was approaching and also a darkness was spreading towards them.

          “Stay behind me” He said and dragged the woman behind.

He could not see clearly who was approaching but he knew the situation was not an ordinary one.

Fagbamila has a lot of experience with the supernatural and with time he knew how to detect their occurrence.

But this time he didn’t only detect the occurrence; he could feel it all around. The air reek of it, this woman standing behind him definitely has a spiritual tag upon her.

The baby she is carrying is oozing out spiritual essence but what really got him agitated is the person that approached.

Something about him feels unnatural that the hair on his back and arms were standing erect.

          “Is this fear I am feeling. Am I afraid of what lay ahead or am I afraid of the unknown?” Fagbamila wondered.

He cocked his gun and shouted “Halt. Who goes there?”

The person and the darkness trailing still approached and the space between them and Fagbamila shrink by the seconds.

          “It is coming, I have to get out of here” The woman behind him shouted and ran away.

          “Hey stop, wait” Fagbamila tried to stop the woman but she ran off.

Fagbamila turned around and the darkness still approached but he couldn’t see the person.

He knew the person was hiding under a supernatural influence.

Fagbamila took the bottle of alcohol he had and said some incantations. He poured part of it in his mouth and spat it into the air.

          “Reveal yourself. Whatever is hidden, I command you to reveal yourself.” Fagbamila shouted.

Out of the darkness, the shape of a person appeared and the person was walking fast towards him. Fagbamila aimed his gun and waited for the person to get closer.

          “Stop before I kill you” He shouted.

When the person got really close, Fagbamila saw that the person was not actually a person. It had the shape of a person but its essence was made up of darkness.

          “What in GOD’s name are you” Fagbamila said.

Whatever it is, it was now very close to him. Fagbamila tried to look at its face but all he saw was darkness.

He fired a shot at the entity but nothing happened. Fagbamila cocked his gun and before he could pull the trigger the second time, the entity reached him and passed through him.

The whole world seemed to be suddenly consumed with darkness. Fagbamila could see the entity behind him chasing after the woman but that was all he saw.

The gun he held in his hands fell to the ground and he couldn’t move anymore. He looked at his finger and he could see them turning to dust.

After his hands decayed and dusted, half of his chest and face also turned to dust. Fagbamila tried to do perform an incantation but he couldn’t remember any.

Everything happened so fast that within a few seconds all of him turned to dust and merged with the darkness that chased after the woman.

The last thing Fagbamila did was to shout, but even his cry was also consumed and merged with the darkness.

*       *       *

          The woman with the baby continued to run down the street until she reached a house with the number tag “248”.

She knocked at the fence gate several times but no one responded. The entity chasing her was now very close. She tried the gate’s lock and it wasn’t locked.

Quickly she opened the gate and ran into the compound without burdening to close the gate behind her.

The entity also followed her through the gate.

The woman reached the door of the main house and knocked. No response. She tried the door knob but the door was locked.

She held her baby closer to her with one hand and continued to knock with the other.

          “Somebody please help me” The woman shouted.

The entity was now very close to her. The darkness had extended all around her and was reaching out to her child’s head.

Just when it was about to make contact, the door opened and the woman crashed inside.

The entity attempted to follow her inside but it couldn’t. Something was preventing it from entering.

The entity moved backwards and with great speed it attempted to pass through the door but yet again; some kind of force field held it back.

The woman stood up and examined her baby. The baby’s eyes were opened wide. His eye balls were spinning around in their sockets. His pupils were dilated that it made his eye to look like a giant fish’s eye.

The woman looked through the open door and she could see the entity standing just outside the entrance and the darkness it brought with it had now surrounded the whole compound like a thick dark smoke.

          “Don’t worry, this house is protected. It cannot cross the lines.” Someone spoke from inside the room.

The woman turned around but the shade of the light reflecting from the ceiling obstructed her vision from seeing clearly.

She moved closer to a table and saw that someone was seated at the other end of the table. A woman whose her face was still not clear in the shade that the light casted.

          “Don’t worry nothing will harm you or Adekunle inside this walls.” The woman said.

          “You know who I am?” Adekunle’s mum asked.

          “I know you, I know what you have done and I know why you are here”. The woman said.

          “Who are you” Adekunle’s mum asked and the woman stood up from behind the table so she would appear clearly in the light.

          “You know who I am”. The woman replied.

          “Are you the twins?” Adekunle’s mum inquired and the woman positioned herself well in front of her so she can get a better look.

          “Why? Does my look disappoint you? Am I not what you are expecting?” The woman asked.

          “Actually I am not expecting anything” Adekunle’s mum said and added that “What I want is for” but before she could complete her sentence.

          “I know. What you want is for me to help your son.” The woman interrupted.

The woman walked to the door and stared at the entity outside. Even though the entity was formless and the shape is variable, it stared back at the woman.

          “I am afraid I cannot help you” The woman said and added “Not unless we drive away your stalker.”

The woman requested that she sees Adekunle and the mum opened the cover cloth around him. His body was trembling and his eyes were still wiggling around in their sockets.

The woman placed a hand on Adekunle’s head and said some incantations. Adekunle twisted in his mother’s arms and the woman asked the mum to put him on the floor.

She continued to speak her incantations and the furniture within the apartment began to shake but only for some seconds after which Adekunle closed his eyes and became still.

The furniture stopped shaking and the entity outside disappeared. The darkness that formed a thick cloud also vanished and everywhere became as if nothing extraordinary happened.

          “What did you do?” Adekunle’s mum asked the woman.

          “I put him in a deep sleep. The entity outside is linked to your son, so I pushed your son’s consciousness into his subconscious” The woman explained.

          “I don’t understand” Adekunle’s mum said.

          “I mean I put your son in a coma” The woman clarified.

Adekunle’s mum became scared and the woman assured her that;

          “Your son is a strong boy and he will break out of my spell in a few hours. When he wakes, the entity will return and it won’t let me put your son to sleep again.” The woman said and added.

          “So I suggest you tell me everything you did before coming here while we wait for my sister to come.”

          “You have a sister?” Adekunle’s mum asked.

          “Of course I have a sister. Can one person be called twins?” The woman asked.

Both women sat at the table and Adekunle was laid to rest on a couch.

          “So begin. You have a couple of hours to tell your story” The woman said to Adekunle’s mum.

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