This is the final chapter of the second part of the story about a boy that will change the world.

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Chronicles of Adekunle 2

Would you destroy the world?

Only so that you can end all suffering.

[ Ultimate sacrifice]

“Wow a lot has happened to you” The older woman said.

Adekunle’s mum finished telling her story.

          “You said you knew what happened to me. Why do I have to tell you everything again” Adekunle’s mum asked and the woman laughed.

          “We have nothing better to do, while we wait for my sister”. The woman said and added. “And now here she comes.”

A door opened and someone else came out of the room.

The first woman did the introduction.

          “I am Taye, She is Kehinde and both of us are the twins” The woman said.

          “I know what you are thinking. We don’t look alike” She supposed.

Adekunle’s mum shook her head and said “I don’t know what to say”.

Kehinde moved closer to Adekunle’s mum and examined her. She sniffed Adekunle’s mother’s hair and squeezed her cheek with her fingers.

          “You brought a curse along with you here” Kehinde started to speak.

          “Your son is cursed. He is evil. Your son has to die.” Kehinde concluded.

Adekunle’s mum was stupefied by the woman’s statement and Taye quickly interfered.

          “Don’t mind my sister. She is the negative one and I am the positive one. We see the same thing but from different perspective” Taye said.

          “Can you help us or not” Adekunle’s mum asked.

          “We can help you, but the question is can you pay the price” Taye asked

          “I will pay anything for my son to live” Adekunle’s mum proclaimed.

Taye and Kehinde suddenly burst into a hysterical laughter that made both of them to look like witches from those old movies. The only thing missing was a hat and a broom.

The two of them stopped laughing at almost the same time and Adekunle’s mum thought that “They are weird”.

          “The price we talk about is not about money or tribute”. Taye started to talk but Kehinde concluded her statement saying.

          “It is about consequence”.

          “Can you afford to bare the fate of the world in your hands” Taye asked in a soft tone.

          “I don’t understand what you are saying” Adekunle’s mum replied.

The women both sat around the table and offered a seat to Adekunle’s mum.

          “Come let us show you” Kehinde said.

They put a bowl of water at the centre of the table and lit a candle which was placed inside the bowl at the centre.

Taye carried Adekunle from the couch and gave him to the mother.

Kehinde said some incantations and held Adekunle’s mum’s hand. She placed the woman’s hand into the bowl of water then said more incantations.

          “Now look. Look at your destiny” Kehinde said.

Immediately her hand touched the water; Adekunle’s mum saw that she was standing on a mountain and holding Adekunle’s hand.

She saw that Adekunle was not a child anymore. He was grown up to about 22 years of age.

Adekunle was not wearing any shirt and he had tattoos drawn all over his body. He’s eyes were red and when he spoke, the ground trembled.

She saw that thousands of people were at the base of the mountain and they were begging for mercy.

Adekunle raised his hands and the cloud above opened and flames poured from the sky killing everybody at the base of the mountain.

She looked at her son’s face in the vision and she could not recognise him. Immediately she let go of his hand, she woke up back at the twins.

          “What was that?” Adekunle’s mum asked.

          “That is your son, if he survives this night. The nemesis will take over him and he will someday soon destroy the world”.

          “You don’t know that. My son is not a monster” Adekunle’s mum exclaimed.

          “No his not, but his evil side will win and he will bring about the apocalypse.” Kehinde said.

Adekunle’s mum sat speechless, she loosely held her child who was still in a coma.

          “Can you bear the guilt of knowing that your son will destroy the world and you let it happen?” Kehinde asked.

          “What is the other alternative?” Adekunle’s mum asked

          “He dies” Kehinde replied indifferently.

          “Are you going to kill my son?” Adekunle’s mum asked

Kehinde burst into another of their hysterical laugher and Taye joined in. The both laughed uncontrollably for about a minute and they stopped at a sudden just like before.

          “We don’t kill people” Taye said and Kehinde continued her sentence that

          “We only provide the reason, the motivation and” She paused for Taye to conclude saying that “we give you the understanding of the consequences of your actions”.

Kehinde’s face was impassive while Taye smiled.

          “Are you saying that I have to kill my son?” Adekunle’s mum asked.

The twins didn’t reply.

          “I cannot do that. I will never” Adekunle’s mum covered her face with her palms and began to sob.

Kehinde stood up from the table and as she walked pass Adekunle’s mum, she touched her shoulder and said “Then your son will destroy everything”.

Kehinde was about to enter her room when she stopped at the door and said

          “You son will wake up at 4:18am. His evil side will return and take him. Whatever decision you have to make, think very well. It is either you save your soul and destroy the world. Or you spare the world and condemn your soul”.

Kehinde disappeared out of sight into the room.

The time was 2:11am and Adekunle’s mum remained seated staring at her son. Taye sat on the chair adjacent to her not saying anything.

Another hour must have passed and the silence in the room extended. Adekunle’s mum thought about different scenarios and what possibility or twist she could implore to avoid her ill fate. Then she had an idea and looked at Taye where she sat looking back at her.

          “You said earlier that you and your sister see the same thing but from a different perspective” Adekunle’s mum asked.

Taye nods her head positively.

          “That means what she showed me is a possibility of the future and not exactly what will happen right?” Adekunle’s mum asked again with her eyes beginning to show signs of a glimmer of hope.

Taye shook her head negatively and said.

          “Regrettably that is not correct. The vision my sister showed you is what will happen based on the decisions you have taken so far that led you to where you are.” Taye continued saying that “I only show a possibility or what could happen but my sister is always correct 99%”.

          “I want to see.” Adekunle’s mum said.

          “See what?” Taye inquired.

          “I want to see the one percent”. Adekunle’s mum answered determinedly.

Taye held Adekunle’s mum’s hand and dipped it into the bowl of water.

Adekunle’s mum saw herself standing. Unlike the first vision where the sky was dark and cloudy; the sky was bright with the ray of the sun illuminating everywhere.

She saw her Adekunle as a young adult, but instead of being shirtless with tattoo all over his body, he was wearing a suit and a tie. She saw Adekunle’s girlfriend. He was happy. She reached out her hand to touch him and at that moment, she woke up.

          “I saw my son” Adekunle’s mum said. “He is not a monster”.

Taye’s eyes showed pity when she said “That is what could happen, but it won’t”.

          “Why not?” Adekunle’s mum yelled. “Why can’t my son be happy”.

          “Because everything requires sacrifice. Every decision has consequences. What will you give to make your dream come true?” Taye asked.

          “Anything. I will give everything” Adekunle’s mum replied.

          “But you don’t have everything to give” Taye said and stood up.

Taye started to move towards the room and when she reached the door, she stopped and said “Time is up. Hope you have made up your mind. Because whatever decision you make in a few moment, there is no going back”.

When it was 4am the twins emerged from the room. They were both wearing white gowns with white scarfs.

Kehinde moved to the centre of the room and with a chalk, she drew alchemical diagrams on the floor.

Adekunle’s mum recognised the symbols because they were the same as the one that the assistant spiritualist drew earlier.

          “I have seen this before” Adekunle’s mum said and Taye replied that “Yes. Who do you think gave them the formula.”

After Kehinde finished her drawings. Taye brought out a gold colour thread.

          “This thread is called the filament of life. It has the power to bond souls and also to break bonds. We will be using it to bond your son to his nemesis.” Taye continued to explain.

          “We will call the spirit that hunts you and create a connection to your son with this thread. After which you will have to decide.”

          “Decide what?” Adekunle’s mum asked.

Kehinde looked at the time and it was 4:10am.

          “You will have to decide whether to kill your son or destroy the world”. Kehinde said.

Taye carried Adekunle from the couch and placed him in the centre of one of the pentagrams.

Kehinde brought out a kitchen knife and offered it to Adekunle’s mum.

          “What do I do with this knife” Adekunle’s mum asked and Kehinde replied that you know what to do”.

Taye placed a mirror in between the two pentagrams. She stretched the gold thread so that its two edges touches the pentagrams making a connection.

Adekunle was beginning to wake up and a shady dark cloud covered the building again.

          “Keep your eyes on mirror. You will see when your son bonds with the spirit, then you stab the mirror with the knife. Make sure u shatter the mirror when you stab it”. Kehinde said.

          “What will happen after I shatter the mirror?” Adekunle’s mother asked.

          “Your son will die of course, along with his evil spirit. And the world will be spared its wrath”. Kehinde replied with her usual uncaring expression.

          “What if I don’t kill him. What if I don’t” . Adekunle’s mum began to say before Kehinde interrupted her saying that. “After your son bonds with his spirit and you don’t kill him. Your son will rise up from this floor and kill you, kill us and then kill whoever stands in his way”.

Adekunle’s mum wanted to protest but Kehinde and Taye shunned her and began.

Taye sat at the top of the pentagrams and Kehinde sat below. Adekunle’s mum knelt down in the middle holding the knife and stared at the mirror.

Adekunle awoke and his eyes still looked weird. The twins began their incantations and seconds later a dark figure appeared in the second pentagram.

Adekunle’s mum continued to stare into the mirror.

At first the mirror showed reflection of her face. Later her face disappeared and the mirror showed no reflection except darkness.

The darkness swerve around the mirror and later she could see Adekunle as a baby. The baby Adekunle changed to become a three year old Adekunle.

He was standing and his mum saw something else appear in the mirror. A dark figure that stood behind Adekunle. The figure moved aside and became the shape of a man.

The man transformed to become a 22 year old Adekunle. He was shirtless and had tattoo all over his body.

The image of the three year old Adekunle merged with the latter to become one. Adekunle’s mum could not see the face clearly because the person’s eyes were on fire.

          “Now is the time. Kill him” Kehinde shouted.

Adekunle’s mum raised up the knife and thought.

          “After everything. After all I did. Now I will be the one to end my son”.

Adekunle’s mum looked at the gold thread and saw that it was glowing. Meaning that the connection between the boy and the spirit is strong.

She lowered the knife and instead of shattering the glass with it; she grabbed the thread and attempted to cut it.

          “No don’t do that, it cannot be undone” Kehinde shouted.

Adeknule’s mum could hear Taye’s voice in her head repeating the words that

          “There is consequences for everything”.

She closed her eyes and in one swift moment; she cut the thread into two.

Everywhere suddenly went silent. The lines drawn on the pentagons all vanished and the Nemesis became free. It had the shape of a man and looked exactly like the person Adekunle’s mum saw in the mirror with glowing eyes.

The nemesis stood and looked about the room. A sort of force field burst out of him striking the twins and Adekunle’s mum, that they all flew in the air and crashed against the wall.

The nemesis was now a complete physical being. It started to move out through the door and when it reached the exit, it turned around to look at Adekunle where he lay on the floor”.

          “Mummy where are you” Adekunle called.

Adekunle’s mum attempted to get up but her body was weak. She saw the nemesis standing over her son.

The nemesis stretched its hand to touch Adekunle’s head and his mother shouted “No leave my son alone”.

The nemesis’s hand was glowing yellow like a fire and when it was about touch the child’s head, Kehinde invoked “Ak- ama- atu- ani”.

The nemesis paused and turned its head to look at Kehinde.

Kehinde continued to speak her incantations.

          “Muj- kun- annul-ra” she said and even her own hands lit up in flames burning a brighter golden colour.

The nemesis charged at Kehinde but before he could reach her; she struck her palms together that it made a sound of an explosion.

A great force surged out of her that and it struck the nemesis in the chest.

The nemesis was thrown high into the air crashing against and destroying the wall adjacent. The nemesis crashed outside the house and disappeared.

Kehinde stood for some seconds then collapse to the ground. Adekunle’s mum rushed to her son to examine him while Taye held her sister’s head.

          “You” Taye shouted. “Why did you do that?”

          “I cannot kill my son” Adekunle’s mum replied with tears in her eyes.

Taye helped Kehinde to her feet. Kehinde looked at the woman apathetically and said.

          “Congratulations. You have successfully destroyed the world.”


The Chronicles of Adekunle continues now. And there is a lot more yet to come.
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