This is the continuation of Adekunle’s adventure/misery. How he became as we all know him to be.

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[Escape Room]

Tell me what happened.

Tell me everything.

I want to know.

–The Twins–

After the spiritualist’s failed attempt to curb Adekunle’s nemesis which almost cost him his life.

The assistant gave Adekunle’s mum a big bag containing a grainy substance.

“Make a circle around your house with this” The assistant said.

“No non-human entity will be able to cross it” He added.

Adekunle’s mum went home with her son and did as instructed.

That night; a heavy wind rocked their environment and a large thunder struck near their house but nothing bad happened.

Adekunle surprisingly slept well and when he awoke in the morning; he seemed to be better than the day before.

The substance that the mum sprayed around the house had dried off, so she replenished it at night with more substance from the bag.

At night; more thunder struck and her son slept well again. In the morning, Adekunle was able to eat but his body was still weak. He spoke a few words.

          “Mummy he is angry. Mummy he is angry with you”. Adekunle said when he woke up on the third day.

In the evening of the third day; Adekunle’s mum went to replenish the substances from the sack and she realised that the substance was not enough to circulate the whole house. She spread it around the room that she and Adekunle slept in.

That night something entered their house, a sort of wild animal. It scattered all the furniture in the living room, the kitchen and when it reached the room where Adekunle was, it howled a couple of times and left before the break of dawn.

Adekunle’s mum saw its shadow under the door. It looked like a wild dog or a wolf.

          “This is a city, How will a wolf be in a city” She wondered.

She was just beginning to fall asleep when she heard someone knocking at the entrance door. She checked the time and it was 7:18am.

          “It’s morning already. I haven’t slept much.” She thought

Adekunle’s mum went and opened the door and she was surprised at who it was.

          “You. What are you doing here?” Adekunle’s mum asked the spiritualist’s assistance who had some companions with him.

          “Good morning madam, hope we didn’t wake you”. The assistant said and continued.

          “This are my comrades and we are here to help you”.

Adekunle’s mum though she was still confused; she was glad to see a familiar face because she hasn’t left the house for over three days now.

The assistant and his entourage settled themselves around the house and he explained what they are going to do to assist the family.

          “We need to perform another ritual” He said.

          “Again, isn’t that what baba did before that cost him his sight”. Adekunle’s mum interrupted.

          “We didn’t know what we were up against but now we know. That’s is why I brought this people. They are all specialist in their fields”. The assistant explained.

          “How much is their cost, I don’t think I have money to pay” Adekunle’s mum said.

          “Don’t worry, their services are free. Their only desire is to help you” The assistant said.

It took the group the whole day to setup for the ritual. They had brought in a large bag and several sacks that contained ingredients intended for the procedural. They spent the whole day drawing alchemical symbols all over the floor, walls and ceilings. At night they lit candles all over the living room.

By the time it was five minutes before midnight, the assistant announced that they were all set.

Adekunle’s mum noticed something strange about the people that had occupied her house. They all had long iron chains with them.

          “What are the chains for?” Adekunle’s mum asked the assistant and he replied that “Don’t worry, they are not for your son”.

The clock stuck twelve midnight and the ritual began.

Adekunle was placed in the middle of a pentagram drawn on the floor. Another pentagram was drawn beside him but this one had a circle around it.

The light bulbs were turned off and the room radiated in the yellowish glow from the hundreds of candles around the room.

They began to chant incantations and recite passages in Latin from the books that they held. Thirty minutes passed and the recitations intensified.

Few moments afterward; something began to happen.

The fire on the candles began to swerve left and right in unison. The furniture and the walls around the house started reverberating as if they were connected to a vibrating machine.

At a sudden all the vibrations stopped and all the fires on the candles around the room went off except for the ones on the candles around the two pentagrams.

Adekunle’s mum was bewildered because everything she was seeing was unreal. She saw the men chanting furiously.

She saw the lights go off. She saw her son turning within the circle and she saw someone or something else appear inside the second pentagram with the circle.

The chanting from the group stopped and the assistant stood in front of the two diagrams.

          “You great entity of the beyond, I have summoned you today to a physical form and I bind your powers to render you vulnerable from hence forth.” The assistant proclaimed and clapped his hands.

The other members in the room grabbed their chains and threw them at the being and the chains unguided; attached themselves to the being.

They held its hand and legs apart and the being in the circle jolts left and right as if trying to free itself.

The assistant brought out a knife that had symbols engraved on it. He said some incantation and finalized.

          “I claim your life today, I claim your powers today, all your essence I claim today” The assistant said and struck the knife to the ground.

 The knife glowed in white light that shown and covered the room. Adekunle’s mum had to cover her eyes.

The light intensity from the knife reduced and later disappeared. The darkness from the entity inside the circle began to flow like a wave and absurbed into the knife.

Adekunle’s mum heard one of the other men whispered that “it is working, Soon all its powers will be ours”.

She heard her son began to cry and his cry increased to screams. She attempted to reach him but one of the men held her back.

          “Stop. Unless you want to die” The man said.

          “What about my son, what are you doing to him” Adekunle’s mum asked but the man did not respond.

          “Will my son survive this?” She asked. “Please tell me, will my son be alright” She pestered on but the man still did not respond.

Adekunle’s mum read his silence as a negative response.

          “No you cannot kill my son, I will not let you” She shouted and pushed one of the men holding the chain out of the way as she rushed to pick her son from the circle.

The assistant was quick enough to intercept her. He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her to the floor away from the ritual space.

          “It is too late for your son now” The assistant said.

The man holding one of the chains had dropped it to the floor when the woman pushed him out of the way. He quickly picked the chain and continue his incantation.

The entity within the circle became still. The assistant was surprised because at that moment he saw that the entity had the shape of a human and eyes also appeared.

The eyes looked at all the people in the room and then at that moment; the knife that was on the on the floor began to vibrate.

The knife elevated into the air and the iron part of the knife turned to a glowing red colour.

          “What is happening?” One of the men holding the chain shouted inquiringly.

          “His powers are too much, the knife cannot contain it” The assistant shouted in reply.

          “What are we going to do” someone in their group asked.

          “I don’t know” Someone else replied.

At that moment the chains that were used to hold the entity in place all started disintegrating and a few seconds after; they all turn to dust.

          “This is not possible” One of them exclaimed.

The fires on the candles all went off and only the glow from the knife remained shinning with thick red intensity.

The intensity increased passed peak that the knife exploded.

Adekunle’s mum was recovering her consciousness when she heard the explosion.

Quickly she got to her feet and ran to the door of the room where the ritual was taking place. Everywhere was in total darkness.

One of the men in the room struck a match and lit one of the candles. He shown the light at the first pentagram and saw that Adekunle was lying still. His eyes and mouth were opened wide.

The person proceeded to the second pentagon and what he saw was shocking.

There was nothing there. The second pentagon had erased away without a trace of it ever been drawn.

          “Oh my GOD!” He exclaimed. “Where is it?”

Adekunle’s mum stood at the door and saw the man with the candle shouting

          “It is not here, where is the demon”.

Adekunle’s mother saw a darkness appear behind the man with the candle. The darkness had the shape of a man. Before she could say anything; the candle light went off and a second later she heard the man scream.

          “Ahhhhhhhh.” And she heard the sound of people crashing into one another.

Adekunle’s mum quickly reached the wall controls and turned one the light switch. The room lightened up but only for a brief moment before the bulb’s radiance intensified and burnt out its fuse.

Within that brief moment that the light was on; Adekunle’s mum saw that the dark figure of the entity was levitating in the air.

One of the men brought out a knife and leaped from the ground towards the entity. The man disintegrated into tiny particles before reaching half the distance.

The room was then in darkness again and more screams all around. Adekunle’s mum crawled to where a drawer was and brought out a rechargeable lamp.

She flashed the light and what she saw would later hunt her dreams in years to come afterwards.

With the light from her lamp, she saw that two members of the group were kneeling with both hands on the floor and they were wailing. Their bodies were gradually and speedily decaying and turning to sand.

She let out a small scream enough to compose herself. She saw her son was still lying on the floor and the entity had spread to cover all the ceiling in darkness.

She heard footsteps and she pointed her light in the direction to see the assistant spiritualist escaping out the door.

The light in her lamp burnt out but not before she reached out and grabbed her son and she too made an attempt to escape the room.

Outside the house; the assistant spiritualist ran as fast as he could. His breathing was intense that he sucked air in even with his mouth. He looked back and saw that Adekunle’s mum was running after him.

          “Don’t follow me. Go your own way” He shouted but the woman continued to trail after him.

He reached his car and struggled with door. He manage to open the door when Adekunle’s mum reached him.

          “Wait for me please” She shouted but the assistant quickly sat in the car and locked the front doors. Adekunle’ mum tried to open the door but it wouldn’t.

          “Please let me in” She begged.

          “Go away” The assistant shouted. “You are cursed”.

Adekunle’s mum reached for the back seat door and opened it before the assistant could lock it. She sat inside with her son.

          “Get out”. The assistant shouted.

          “No take us with you please”.

          “Get out please am begging you” The assistant yelled.

They both looked out the window and saw that the entity was approaching them. They could see the shape of a man and then there was this huge darkness following it.

The assistant started the car and drove off. The entity chased after them.

          “It’s coming, it’s coming” Adekunle’s mum shouted from the back sit as the driver swerved right and left at different junctions.

The assistant drove the car on to the high way and surprisingly there was no traffic. He could see the darkness spreading behind them from the rear view mirror.

          “What are we going to do?” The woman asked.

          “We have to find the twins. That is our only hope” The assistant said.

The woman wore her sit belt and held her son tighter to her chest as the driver screeched the tires at different turn trying to avoid the shadows that popped up in front of the car.

          “We are almost there.” The assistant said

Shortly after they reached a junction and made a 47 degree spin with the car to avoid bump; the back tire bursts and the car lost control crashing into a fence.

The front of the car was squashed. Adekunle’s mum and the child were unhurt.

She opened the door and reached for the driver’s door. The assistant wasn’t that lucky. A metal iron from the fence had bent over and pierced his chest area.

          “Oh my GOD. Wait let me help you” Adekunle’s mum said and attempted pry open the damaged door open.

           “No. no time. You have to save yourself.” The assistant said.

With his dying breath, he gave the woman directions to where she will find the twins.

The woman ran with her baby, passing by a vigilante who tried to assist her but was exterminated by the entity.

She continued to run until she reached a building where the twins put her son into a coma and they waited for the next decision to make.

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