[The Burning Sky]

Seven days after Adekunle’s mum gave her consent for the sacrifice to be performed. The spiritualist had said that the whole ritual will last seven days.

Even though it wasn’t required, Adekunle’s mum fasted and prayed all through the seven days of the ritual.

She didn’t set her eyes on her son because the spiritualist had said that Adekunle must not be allowed to see daylight.

          “Your son has so many enemies and I will also be performing a cloaking spell to hide him from all bad people” The spiritualist had said to her before he commenced the ritual.

Hours passed on the seventh day and when the yellow glow of the evening light began to fade, the spiritualist assistant brought Adekunle out of the inner room. Adekunle was sleeping.

          “Baba said I should tell you that your son is alright. He said you should let him sleep enough that when he wakes up, he will be a new person.” The spiritualist assistant said and he handed Adekunle over to his mother.

Adekunle’s mum felt a sign of relief like a heavy load has been taken off her.

          “Where is baba, I want to thank him”. Adekunle’s mum requested to see the spiritualist.

The spiritualist’s assistant looked away for a few seconds so that he could hide his facial expression from the woman. He looked at her after he composed himself and said.

          “Where Baba is right now. He cannot see anybody”.

Adekunle’s mum arrived home around eleven at night. She placed her son on the bed and sat beside him to watch him sleep quietly. It has been a long time since she saw him sleep peacefully.

She dozed off around one in the morning and awoke five hours later. Adekunle was still sleeping. His mum quickly got up and prepared breakfast so that when he wakes, he could eat.

Adekunle slept all through the morning and afternoon. When the night came, his mum was already worried and thought that he would wake up anytime soon but Adekunle didn’t wake up.

The spiritualist’s assistant had said that she should let him sleep enough but he didn’t specify how much sleep is enough.

She contemplated waking him up but decided that if Adekunle doesn’t wakeup by day break, she would take him to the hospital.

She watched over him all night and finally fell asleep around one in the morning. She woke up at day break to see that Adekunle wasn’t on the bed anymore.

Quickly she rushed out of the room but she didn’t have to search for long when she found him in the kitchen.

          “Mummy am hungry” was the first thing Adekunle said to her.

His mum was very happy that she held him in her arms closer to her chest and hugged him tightly.

          “Mummy why are you crying?” Adekunle asked the mum.

His mum kissed his fore head and his cheek and said “I am not crying, I am happy”.

That day; Adekunle’s mum prepared and fed him different assortment of foods.

Jollof rice, chicken, snacks, ice cream and noodles. Adekunle finished them all.

The days that followed were very pleasant. Adekunle stopped talking to himself or talk about seeing things.

When he sleeps, he sleeps like a baby that he was. And when in church, Adekunle didn’t see demons or behave weird again.

His mum was very happy.

The way of the world is that good or bad, nothing last forever. Especially the things that you want to stay a long time; they are the first to expire.

One night the wind started to blow again. Lightning and thunder struck not far from their house.

Adekunle’s mum put him to bed around nine at night while she returned to the living room to watch Mexican TV series.

It was barely an hour afterwards when another thunder struck and all the objects around the house started to shake.

The house as a whole was trembling. Quickly Adekunle’s mum ran to her son’s room to check on him.

What she saw when she opened the door was a bizarre she could not explain.

She saw that the furniture in the room were scattered. The bed was flipped over on its surface.

Adekunle was not on the bed, rather he was floating in the air as if something held him up. As a matter of fact, he laid suspended in the air with both his arms spread apart and his eyes closed.

His mother was scared and quickly she try to reach out to him but something or a kind of force held her back.

Someone else was in the room. Someone or something that Adekunle’s mum could not see.

Something that hid itself in the dark corners of the room where the light reflection could not reach.

Adekunle’s mum could feel the presence and she quickly flicked the light switch one, off and on again but the room was still covered in darkness.

          “Who are you?” Adekunle’s mum shouted.

Besides the eerie feeling that prevailed in the room, everywhere was silent.

          “What do you want?” She shouted again and this time there was a response.

A heavy wind started to blow only inside the room and the furniture swerved in mid-air around Adekunle for some seconds and then the wind stopped at a sudden as the plastic chairs and tables all fell back to the floor.

A darker than night, shadowy blanket flew out of the corner of the room and settled on top of Adekunle in mid-air.

Scared as she was; Adekunle’s mum stood her ground and shouted “Leave my son alone”.

The intensity in the room tripled and she could feel heat seeping out of the darkness around her.

She could feel the darkness closing in on her and it was becoming hard for her to breath.

With anger and fury she shouted for the last time.

          “I said leave my son alone”.

The sound of her voice pierced through the thick blanket that engulfed the room. The walls reverberated and in that instant; all the darkness vanished and the room was once again lightened.

Adekunle fell from where he was suspended in the air and before he hit the ground, his mother caught him.

          “Adekunle omo mi o (my son)” His mum sang cradling him in her arms.

Adekunle slowly opened his eyes and said “He wants to kill me”.

A week passed afterwards and things with their family only got worse.

Adekunle’s mum returned to the spiritualist to tell him of the latest development but for reasons specific to the man, he would not attend to her.

Every time she went to visit, the assistant would give one reason or the other of why the spiritualist cannot attend to her.

Adekunle’s mum got frustrated and when it seemed like she was never going to be allowed to see the man; she barged into the inner room.

          “Madam where do you think you are going?” The assistant said and he tried to block her way.

          “Where is baba?” She shouted inquiringly.

          “Am sorry baba cannot personally attend to anybody. The assistant said.

          “Baba will see me today o” Adekunle’s mum shouted and continued “Baba come out o”.

She was beginning to attract attention from the other people waiting at the reception that the assistant had to succumb.

          “Ok ok wait” The assistant said and asked “Why do you have to see baba so urgently”.

Adekunle’s mum was backing her son behind her and covered his head with a veil. She opened the veil to show the assistant spiritualist.

          “My son needs help. Baba said he helped him but my son is worse now.” She said.

The assistant studied the boy behind the woman. The boy’s eyes were white in colour and his spirit seemed to be weak.

          “Ok follow me” The assistant said and led them into the inner chamber.

          “You see it is not that Baba doesn’t want to see you” The assistant began. It is because he cannot see you”.

          “What do you mean he cannot see me?” Adekunle’s mum inquired and the assistant said “See for yourself”.

Inside the inner chamber was reserved for the spiritualist alone and except he has to perform a ritual for a client before anybody can enter.

Adekunle’s mum has never entered inside so she was cautious when the assistant opened the door for her to enter.

Inside the room was dark because the curtains were drawn shut. The spiritualist was seated on the floor with his back resting against the wall.

Adekunle’s mum knew something was not right with the man the moment she set her eyes on him.

          “What is wrong with Baba” she asks the assistant who only shook his head sadly.

          “Who is there?” The spiritualist asked from where he sat at the corner of the room.

          “Baba I am the one.” Adekunle’s mum said while moving closer.

          “Who is that, who are you?” The spiritualist queried again even though Adekunle’s mum was standing at close proximity.

          “Baba is blind and cannot see you” The assistant said.

          “What, what happened? Adekunle’s mum asked confusedly.

The assistant moved passed the woman and said “It is your son. Your son did this to him”.

The assistant went and whispered something into the spiritualist’s ear and the older man nods his head.

 The assistant left the room for them to discuss.

          “Come closer, sit” The spiritualist said and Adekunle’s mum cautiously approached and sat down on a stool.

          “Why have you come?” The spiritualist asked.

Adekunle’s mum hesitated but she spoke her reason anyway.

          “It is my son”. She began but the spiritualist cuts her words short.

          “That little bastard” The spiritualist exclaimed.

          “I don’t understand, who is a bastard?” The woman inquired but the spiritualist did not reply.

          “So what do you want from me now.” The spiritualist asked and without waiting for a reply, he shouted more angrily this time.

“Do you want my legs now, or is it my ear you want. Haven’t you taken enough from me already? What other sacrifice do you want? The spiritualist said.

          “I don’t understand. Baba what are you talking about?” The woman inquired but the man stood up and let the white wrapper he used to cover himself drop to the floor. He wasn’t wearing any cloth except for a boxer short.

          “Look at my body. Look what your son did to me” The spiritualist said.

Adekunle’s mum saw that half the spiritualist’s body were burnt black.

          “As if burning my body was not enough. He said that I have to pay a price for looking at him and he took my eyes as payment for trying to help you.”

          “I told you to leave the boy alone but no, you were crying that I should help you. Now see what has happened to me.” The spiritualist shouted.

          “Baba I don’t know what you are talking about.” Adekunle’s mum said but before she could plead her case further.

          “Get out.” The spiritualist shouted.

          “Get out before I curse you and your generation.”

Adekunle’s mum was so afraid and confused at the same time that she picked herself up and ran out through the door.

          “Get out” She heard the spiritualist yell from behind her.

Outside the door the assistant was waiting for her.

          “Have you seen baba now?” He questioned.

          “What is wrong with him?” Adekunle’s mum asked.

The assistant offered her to sit down while he explains the situation.

          “Since the incident, baba has been temperamental. So you won’t mind him.”

The assistant explained that the ritual the baba performed for Adekunle is something that has been done, tens of time.

Often people give birth to children who have a very strong spirit.

Often times from a very young age, some spirits tend to become overactive more than the mind.

The ritual baba performed was meant to placate the spirit so that it can grow along with the mind in age.

          “The ritual has never had any complication except for the case of your son”. The assistant said.

          “Why is my son’s case different?” Adekunle’s mum asked.

The assistant took a long sigh and replied “To answer that question, I would have to explain certain thing first.”

The assistant explained that anytime a woman gives birth to a child. A nemesis spirit is also attached to the child.

          “What do you mean nemesis spirit?” Adekunle’s mum asked.

          “Opposite spirit.” The assistant continued.

He explained that life is all about balance.

          “Good and bad, light and darkness, ying and yang”.

He explained that a child is a spirit on its own occupying a body, when the child is born into the world.

          “A nemesis spirit or an evil spirit of equal force also attaches itself to the body and hence the battle of a life time begins”.

The assistant explained that everybody in this world is at a constant battle with their nemesis.

          “A child’s spirit is pure light and good. It is innocent of the ways of the world. The nemesis spirit that attaches to the child is on the contrary; evil, ancient and has experience of this world.” The assistant explains further.

He told the woman that the reason you see people doing evil things in the world is because their nemesis spirit has a stronger hold over their body.

          “The spirit is connected to the mind. The body influences the mind and furthermore the spirit”. The assistant said and added again.

          “Why do you think that no matter how wayward a person is? And all the bad and evil things a person does. Prostitution, theft, homosexuality, lie, cheat and any evil act you can think of that causes damage to the body. The person can still change if you perform a deliverance ritual. It is because the deliverance is the suppression of the nemesis spirit. Everyone is at a constant battle with their self.” The assistant concluded.

          “How does all this relate to my son’s case” Adekunle’s mum asked.

          “Hmmm” The assistant sighed and said.

          “You see your son is like nobody I have seen. His spirit is so strong that he has the power to create things.” The assistant replied as he explains further.

          “Because your son has the power that can be classed as a very powerful god. So how strong do you think his nemesis spirit will be?” The assistant asked.

          “I don’t know.” Adekunle’s mum replied even though it wasn’t necessary.

The assistant smiled and answered “It is always a balance. The same and exact opposite. Your son has the power to create. His nemesis has the power to destroy. Whichever wins the long battle, takes all the power.”

          “Now the problem you have now is that the spiritualist tried to suppress your son’s power. Even though he succeeded but it was not without cost. Normally the sacrifice is usually chickens and goat, but your son’s spirit took baba’s eyes as sacrifice” The assistant said.

          “If the baba succeeded with the ritual, why is my son still having problems?” Adekunle’s mum asked.

          “We took away your son’s power. But his nemesis spirit is still strong and it is the one that wants to destroy your son.”

          “Why?” Adekunle’s mum asked. “Why does it want to destroy my son?”

          “Because that is the only way it can be free to roam the earth.” The assistant said.

          “What can we do? You have to help my son” Adekunle’s mum said as she goes on her knees.

          “There is nothing we can do. The only person that can stop the spirit is your son and we took his powers away”. The assistant said.

          “The only thing stopping the spirit from been unleashed into the world is that your son is still alive”. The assistant alleged and places a hand on Adekunle’s forehead.

          “I don’t think your son has more than seven days to live. After that, his evil spirit will be released into the world and it will destroy everything”. Says the assistant.

Adekunle’s mum seeming unrelenting said “Baba should have known this will happen”

          “We didn’t know that your son has a demon that is already overactive”. The assistant replied.

          “You people have ruined my son” Adekunle’s mum said.

          “No we didn’t ruin your son. You should have left him alone and as time passes, your son will defeat his demon but no, you didn’t leave him alone, you were begging baba to help you and baba helped you and almost cost him his life”. The assistant exclaimed and added “It is you that ruined your son. It is you that has forsaken your son”.

Adekunle’s mum’s eyes were filled with tears. The words echoed in her head.

          “Forsaken your son”.

The end.

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