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the other side part 1

A boy was diagnosed to be suffering from mental disorder.

Schizophrenia to be precise. The thing about the boy is that he is special. His mental disorder is also a special case.

He sees things that are not there and everybody thought that he needed to be institutionalized.

The boy went to sleep one day only to wake up somewhere else. The most mysterious of places that doesn’t exist to the sane mind.

The only problem is that, everything here wants to kill him.

Adekunle will experience the world in the most bizarre, thrilling and amazing adventure ever to feature in an African scene.

Book Extract

In the beginning. There was darkness and GOD said “LET THERE BE LIGHT”. The thing is that, GOD didn’t take away the darkness. It remained lurking behind the light, waiting for every opportunity to reveal itself. When we close our eyes, even in our shadows and reflection, we see it. We feel it in our soul, ever present, everlasting, the darkness that will consume all and the darkness that will remain, when there is no more light.

Adekunle found himself in a dark abyss of colorful nothingness and noisy silence of emptiness. Waking up to this feeling is something he is very much use to. Sometimes he had to wake twice before he begins to feel like he is in the real world. He once woke up, sat on his bed for about 10 seconds, stood up to go and pee, only to look back and see himself still sleeping on the bed.

The shock was terrifying that he woke up again but this time with sweat all over his face and his heart beating as if in a contest with the drums at Calabar city End of the year carnival. Ever since then, the only way Adekunle knows if he is actually awake is to check for sweat and his heart beat rate. He tries to turn his head, but he doesn’t know how.

“Oh my GOD, This is not a dream… Am i finally dead,” he wondered

He woke up with a shock, his heart beat racing but he didn’t open his eyes. He just lay there a moment to calm himself taking deep breaths. He knew something was not right when he finally opened his eyes. For one fact is that he was not on his bed, neither is he in his room. He was laying down on top of grasses covered ground.

He ran his fingers through the spaces of the vine grabbing and squeezing them within his palms. They felt real. The stars above appeared unusually too big and shinning as if they were very much closer.“I am dreaming again,” he concluded as he tried to sit upright. He took a deep long breadth that filled his lungs, held in it for a second and then exhaled. His body felt refreshed and he wondered why he was able to do that.

“There is no air in the dream”.

Yet he could feel and breathe the coldness of the atmosphere. He felt this busting energy within him. His muscles didn’t hurt anymore which did not seem right. He went to bed aching all over but now, he doesn’t feel anything. As a matter of fact, he felt great.

He stood up and checked his body*. He had no shirt on except for an Arab like Punjabi baggy trouser. His body was athletic built and he had strange tattoos all over his body, big and small extending to his back and inside his trousers “probably over fifty of them” he thought.

“This is not my body, what is happening to me?”

Adekunle checked for sweat on his forehead, no sweat, just skin. But he is not supposed to feel his skin, not like this. He closed his eyes and slapped himself.“Wakeup wakeup” hoping he would wake up on his bed. When he opened his eyes, there was no bed, room or anything he was familiar with. He looked around and he was alone*, no visible structures, just grass and the field that seemed to stretch farther than his eyes could see.

He looked up at the night sky. The stars were plenty but there was no moon. One star caught his eyes and he decided to walk in its direction. He must have walked for miles before he came across a cave embedded inside a giant rock.

Adekunle stood in front and stared into the darkness. He dared not go in for fear of what laid within.
He walked past the cave and continued on his path. His eyes focused on the star as he trailed the path which he had never taken before. He came across a settlement, more like an estate…

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