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[Prince of thieves]

After the boy was lost in a world where he could not get back. Everything started to unfold.

Adekunle is faced with challenges beyond comprehension as he struggles to understand his role in a tale whose author is unknown.

He will have to face an army, fight against dangerous spells, break out of jail and join forces with the most daring thief ever.

He will have to show strength if he is to survive the notorious bandiries and the precarious captain of the guard

This is the second part of Adekunle’s fantasy adventure in this bizarre and thrilling tale that is sure get you hooked .

You like “The Other Side part 1“?

The Other Side Part 2” will blow your mind…!


Amanda is 22 years old but she looked very much younger. She tries to keep a stern face always, so as to make her look older but all her effort is only a partial success.

She tapped the table to get the bar man’s attention.

“PRIYE” she called the man in his fifties serving drinks to customers

“Look at you! Haven’t seen you in weeks, everything’s good?” Priye asked.

Everything’s good” she responded.

“Wetin make i give you” Priye asked in pidgin language.

“Give me tequila with fire stone, double stone!” she said.

“Hard day?” Priye asked as he poured her the concoction.

“Not really just a stressful week and lack of sleep” she replied and then sipped the drink,“Yeah!” She exclaimed then gave a satisfying expression to Priye and the bar man smiled in return.

“What’s happening in town? I saw soldiers parading on my way in.”Amanda asked.

“Well, dem dey find Dudu. Dem talk say he been steal something big from oga sovereign hand. Soldiers don come here two times come search everybody yesterday.” Priye continued in pidgin language as he explained that soldiers have been searching everywhere in town for Dudu since yesterday.

Amanda pulled her sack closer and placed it on the table beside her.

“What have you got in that bag?” The big man whom she ignored earlier asked as he pulled a stool and sat beside her,“anything of value?”

Amanda knowing who it is didn’t bother turning as she said “nothing that concerns you”.

“I want it and I want it now.”

Amanda shifted the sack to her left side away from the big man and still without looking at him she said “Sorry you can’t have it” and she sips a little of her wine.

“Do you know who I am?” The big man asked, but Amanda didn’t answer.

“I am the leader of the group Drop-dead” the man said.

He finally got her attention because Amanda turned to look at the man for the first time, grading him up from his head to his feet with her eyes.

“Seriously?” she asked almost giggling.“The name of your group is drop-dead.” Amanda said as she turns and sipped her drink again.

Amanda had indeed heard about the exploits of the notorious group Drop-dead. They had been responsible for series of armed robberies and killings in the far outskirts of the west and bridge area; they were also known for their carelessness and ruthless actions.

Amanda always made it a priority to stay away from bad bunches such as these.

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