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[-The dark Mist-]

This story is about a boy that goes to school in a suburban town.

Excluding the university; the towns major source of attraction is nothing. More than half of the houses in the town are made up of clay and zinc roofing. The only developed area of the town is the university area, which is also the town center.

The town has only one rule: Whatever you do, do not go out at night because nothing exist after midnight.

When the student union held a party at the school stadium, more than half of the school attended. The students all danced and merry up till after midnight. When they left, nothing followed them home.

The boy thought that his life could not get any worse than it already is.

Not until people started to go missing in the town.

Not until crazy people started attacking at random.

Not until the sun goes down and would not come up again.

Not until nothing started happening.

Book Extract

I was going back home one night from school. Exam was in two weeks’ time and everybody have been reading like crazy. I usually go to school around 7pm and by 10pm, I go back home.

On this fateful day I arrived class at the usual time and had plans to read until ten o’clock. But strangely enough I dozed off somewhere in between.

I was awoken at a sudden to an empty class. Quickly I checked the time on my phone and it was “10pm”. Strange as it is that it felt like I only slept for ten minute, it still doesn’t compare to or explain why the empty class.

“Where has everybody gone?” I wondered.

I usually walk from school with a couple of other students living in my area; that way you need not worry about being mugged by thieves or worst. I quickly packed my books and dashed out the door in the hopes of catching up with my trek buddies.

Little did I know that the time on my phone has for some mysterious reason reset itself and as it was then that even though the time showed 10pm, that wasn’t the time.

I had barely walked for five minute when I began to notice the bizarre state of my surrounding.
Every step I took was like as if something was dragging me from behind, pulling at my cloth and books.

My footsteps gradually became heavier as if I had step in a pool of mud only that in reality there is no mud. Yet each footstep I raise is as if something is trying to stick my foot to the ground.

What is happening?” was the thought that crossed my mind.

Besides it is only after ten, and my friends are probably ahead on the next turn.
I hasten my foot drag and made it to the junction hoping that I will see people walking ahead but to my astonishment, no one was there.

Strangely enough nothing was there.

The whole street was empty except for the street light that illuminated the night. I checked the time on my phone and it was 10:15pm but something doesn’t feel alright.

I was shocked because I could have sworn that the time was 10:15pm some seconds ago, why is the time showing 2:15am now.

Suddenly the air started to get colder and the drag effect I had felt all through since I left class seemed to have tripled.

The hairs at the back of my neck suddenly began to stand and there was this tempting feeling that kept urging me to look back.But I dare not look back because for some unknown reason fear had taking over the fervor that initially drive me to catchup with my friends.

Before long, the mental battle of wits over guts raging inside me was over and my guts prevailed.
Slowly I twisted my neck sideways in an attempt to confront what or whoever it is lurking behind me but my head seemed to be stuck at an angle not up to 90 degrees and it just wouldn’t turn any further.

By this time my heart beat had elevated and slowly from the corner of my eyes I saw it.

The Darkness that crawls.”

At first it seemed like as if one is staring into a pencil drawn picture and all of a sudden someone uses an eraser and wipes away part of the scenes from the picture.

You can still see some part but the rest of the piece is missing. Only that in this case, when I looked back, there was nothing. Something dark had consume everything behind me.

The darkness was so thick that it cast its own shadow upon the floor.Soon enough even the floor could not be seen as it had vanished beneath the shadowy blanket.

As I stood frozen literally staring out into the emptiness that has now spread in and around me that even the glow of the streetlight cannot be seen except for a dim white shade suspended in the air that it looked more like a white stain on a black background.

The darkness had then surrounded me. There was this feeling of emptiness that was taking over me. It felt like all my troubles and sorrows were been drained and erased out of me that at one point I began to feel as if I myself had become empty.

“I am now becoming a hollow man”.

As I feel myself merge with the darkness, I felt like surrendering totally into the embrace of the unknown and just drift away into the vast of the beyond even though I don’t know where it leads, I just didn’t care.

I felt dispersed and soon enough even my consciousness began to fade.My head tilted and my eyes glance from my shoulders down to my body and to my surprised, nothing was there. I raised up my hands to my faced and stared keenly but I could not see my hands.

“What is happening to me?” I muttered even though my voice seems to be coming from behind me. As my last resolve or more like a reflex action. Or probably it is GOD’s grace upon me, but whatever it is, I know I heard these words in my head saying.

“It is not your time”

The words kept repeating in my mind that it became like a ringing tone playing in a loop.
I became suddenly alert and one step at a time I started to pull myself back and out of the darkness that had then consume almost all of me.

If you were standing beside me probably the only thing you would have seen visible of me would be my head twisting and turning as I struggle to release myself from the shackles of desolation.

When all hope seemed to be lost, and I appeared to be misplaced. All of a sudden, my hand appeared out of the misty darkness and so did the rest of my body.

In less than a minute I was once again free and I had collapsed on the floor onto the untarred road that still wasn’t visible to my eyes.I felt all my senses and feelings return, so also did the pain. A lot of pain actually as it felt as if I had falling from tall height, and crashed onto as a solid surface, then a truck was used to climb over me leaving my body with bruises and barely hanging from my joints. It was hard for me to move let alone stand.

I just lay on the floor unable to talk or cry for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly again the pain that had engulfed me began to elude me and in little time after, I was completely myself again.

Could everything that just happen be a dream” I thought.

I stood up from the middle of the road and looked around my surrounding. The empty feeling still prevailed around me and the nimble from the street lights was still choked by the fizziness of the darkness.

A darkness that shines” I said out aloud from my observation.

I looked back the way I had come into the eternal darkness that had taken over my surrounding and at one point, I thought I heard a sound. The sound soon became that of footsteps.

The sound of footsteps became louder as if a crowd was hurrying across or running towards me. I started to move backwards with my back turned towards my direction.

I looked frantically in all bearing of me as it seems that the sound was from everywhere.The sound grew loud until it got very close to me and then it stopped. It was as if people were all around me, staring down upon me from inside the dark emptiness.

I could feel the glares piecing through every inch of me, the way someone would savor a tantalizing meal just before devouring it, only that in this case, I seem to be on the receiving end. I then heard sounds like the ones a rabid dog will make and it was from all around me.

Am I been surrounded by dogs?” I wondered.

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