Warning: Even though i attempt to explain this story as simple as i can, you are still liable to get confused in the end because that is just how the movie is.

My opinion: Very daring and interesting piece of tale, attempted to blow your mind.

Genre:Sci fi, Thriller

Sypnosis: Ethan Hawke plays a time travel agent that travels back and forth in time to stop crimes. He is the best agent in THE BUREAU OF TEMPORAL agency. Of all his success; one case eluded him. The Fizzle bomber will be responsible for the death of more than 10,000 citizens in 1975. The agent must travel back and forth in time to stop an attack in which unknowingly to him that his actions are all predestined in a loop which attempts to not only perplex the audience but also the cast.

What comes first,

The chicken or the egg?

Mind blowing


The story started when a temporal agent (Ethan Hawke) attempts to disarm a bomb that blew his face. Someone approaches him and hands him his time travel devices of which he travels into the future to get his face reconstructed.

He was given his last assignment after which he will retire. Because too much time jumps can affect the mind and cause disintegration.

He returned to the year 1970 where he becomes a barkeep.

Barkeep and John

He engages a conversation with a man named John who is a writer for true confession article under the pen name of “the unmarried mother”.

John tells the barkeep his life story.

He was born a female (Jane) and grew up in an orphanage. Even though he was very brilliant, energetic and excelled at her studies,she (John as a female) never really felt like she belonged anywhere.

Because of her childhood, Jane decided to avoid relationships and decided that any child(ren) she had must be raised in a proper family.

Jane enrolled for a “SPACE CORP” program which trains young girls with intention of taking them to space.

Jane takes test

Even though she was the best student, she was later disqualified because of a rare medical condition which she is unaware off and wasn’t revealed to her.

A man named Robertson took interest in her and promise to help her get reinstated in the space corp.

Afterward she got a job as a house cleaner and with the money she made; she enrolled in night school.

One day after school. Jane bumped into a man who was waiting for someone. The two of them were drawn to one another and eventually, they fell in love.

One evening, while they sat outside, the man told Jane to wait for her, but he never returned.

Jane searched everywhere and waited for him but the man had simply disappear.

Jane later realized that she knew nothing about the man. And thus she was devastated because that was the only man she ever loved.

Later on she was approached by Mr. Robertson who explains to her that the SPACE CORP was actually a part of a Temporal agency which are involve in keeping the world safe through time travel.

Mr. Robertson explained that Jane had the intelligence and requirements needed and they want to recruit her. Jane was very excited because she had always felt that she was meant to do more in life.

Mr. Robertson broke off communication with Jane when it was discovered that she was pregnant with her ex-lover’s baby.

During delivery, a Cesarean section was performed and the doctors revealed that Jane had a rare medical condition.

Jane fills form to join space corp

Jane was intersex with an internalized male sex organ as well as a developed female sex organ.

Complications during birth forced the doctors to remove her female sex organ and also performing a GENDER REASSIGNMENT.

Hence, Jane will live the rest of her life as a man”

Jane decides that nothing in the world is more important to her than her child as that is the only light she can hold on too in a world that has treated her with cruelty and darkness.

2 weeks later; Her child was stolen from the hospital by a mysterious man. Which led Jane who is now a man and goes by the name “John” to live her bitter life writing fictions as the “Unmarried Mother”.

After John finished telling his life’s history to the Barkeep.

The barkeep reveals to John that he is an agent of the Bureau of Time Agency. Also that he is hunting a man called the “fizzle bomber” who will in the future kill thousands of people.

He offers to take John back in time to the day that Jane met the man that would later become her lover and eventually leave her. So that “John” can kill the man before the man ruins his life when he was (Jane) a female.

Ethan Hawke as an Agent

What if I could put him in front of you? The man that ruined your life…  If I could guarantee that you’d get away with it… Would you kill him?


In return John will accept to take over the agent’s job for however long he wishes.

The two uses the agent’s time travel device and travel back in time to the year 1963. The day that Jane met the man.

The agent gave John a gun with which he will kill the the man that ruined his life and left him there in 1963 while he hunts the “fizzle bomber”.

While John was waiting in front of his former school, for the man to show up. Jane bumps into him and the two met.

“You are not how i imagined you will look”
  • Jane: Oh am sorry, are you lost
  • John: No, am looking for someone. Thanks,i will just wait.
  • Jane: You know what they say about good things happens to those who wait.
  • John: But only the things left behind by those who hustle.
  • Jane: I was thinking about the exact same thing. What are the odds.
  • Jane:Are you OK?
  • John: You are not how i imagined you will look… You are beautiful… Someone should have told you that.
  • Jane: Well you just did.

At that moment, John realizes that he is the man that Jane would fall in love with.

He is the man that would break Jane’s heart.

In other-words he is the person that ruin his own life.

Whether it is curiosity, fortune, fate or destiny. Something compelled John to stay because he felt he could be different. And one thing led to another.

Why does everyone always get what they want and i get nothing. I am tired of being tough all the time.


They Kissed each other…

You pretend like love doesn’t matter to you but the truth is. It is all you ever think about.


Meanwhile the Barkeep was watching them from a distance.

Afterwards the barkeep travels forward in time to 1975 where the story first started. An agent face was burnt while trying to disarm a bomb and the barkeep helps the agent by handing him his time travel device with which he travels to the future to get his face reconstructed.

The barkeep here realizes that he is the agent whose face was reconstructed in the future and also he was the same person that handed himself his device when his face was burnt.

With this realization; the barkeep leaves audio recordings for his past self as a guidance.

Afterward the barkeep time travels to the future after Jane gives birth in the hospital and had her GENDER REASSIGNMENT.

The barkeep stole her baby and travels to the year 1945 where he drops little Jane off at an orphanage so that 18 years from that time, she will meet a male version of herself who will impregnate her and abandon her.

The barkeep then returned to the year where John and Jane met each other but a few month afterwards.While they were strolling, he boycotted John and convinced him to leave Jane.

  • John:You tricked me
  • Barkeep: The choice was yours.
  • John:What choice?… Am not gonna leave her.
  • Barkeep: So it is as it is,So it always has been,am sorry if you feel deceived. It is a mistake to think we can change certain events but just as you said, somethings are inevitable.
  • John:But I love her.
  • Barkeep:I know. I know that and now that you found her, you know who she is. And you understand who you are. And maybe you are ready to understand who i am.
  • John: i don’t want to leave her
  • Barkeep: You are not.
  • John: I never wanted to hurt her.
  • Barkeep: I know, and now she knows too.

Both barkeep and John left 1963 at that moment and John never returned to see Jane. Jane waited and searched for John but John was nowhere to be found.

Later in future Jane will give birth to a baby girl before she will undergo a gender reassignment and become John. Her baby will be stolen by the barkeep and taken to the past so that she can become Jane.

Meanwhile John and the Barkeep arrives in the year 1975 at the Bureau of Temporal Agency.

John takes over the Barkeep’s job so that the Barkeep can retire.

The Barkeep chooses to retire to the year 1975 closer to the day that the Fizzle bomber would attack and kill thousands of people.

The Barkeep was ordered to check a laundry service of which he stumbles upon the fizzle bomber.

The Fizzle bomber turns out to be the agent (barkeep) from the future now suffering from psychosis as a result of too many time-jumps.

The fizzle bomber tells the Barkeep that all his attacks were done to prevent a larger attack. That all the time he killed people, it was to stop a larger casualty and that it is “Better to sacrifice few to stop save more“.

The fizzle bomber tries to convince the agent to spare his life and break the circle by not killing him, unlike the Fizzle bomber did in his own past when he was the agent (barkeep).

Fizzle Bomber
  • Fizzle Bomber: Some people say that it is fate, but you and i, we know that it is predestined. I made you who you are, You made me who i am. It is in paradox right? but it can be paradox-ted [fizzle bomber chuckled]
  • Barkeep: I will never become you
  • Fizzle Bomber: Don’t say that, we are just a puppet. We are; Robertson, he set the whole thing up.
  • Barkeep: I will never become you… and I will not let you kill those people.
  • Fizzle Bomber: All we have is each other. If you kill me, you will become me. that is how it happens. If you want to break the chain, you have to not kill me but try to love me again.
  • Barkeep: What if I put him in front of you, the man that ruined your life. . . Would you kill him to save thousands.

The Barkeep shot the Fizzle bomber multiple times and left the place.

In the near future, the barkeep will come across a document from the future, which contains evidence of attacks by terrorist. In the quest to stop this attacks, the Barkeep will become the fizzle bomber.

You will have to make tough choices.

You influence the past.

Can we change your future?

I don’t know.

The only thing i know is that you are the best thing that’s ever happen to me.

Fizzle Bomber

It was later revealed that in 1975, John was the agent that the bomb burnt his face, and later had a facial reconstruction and then become the barkeep.

Jane, John, the Barkeep(agent) and eventually the fizzle bomber are all the same person from different timeline.

They (He) save, saves and saved a lot of people from terrorist in their life time and in the end, they have to save the world from Himself.

Lesson Learnt:

Somethings you cannot change, while others you think you change, is exactly how it was meant to be.

All in one

Theory behind the story:

Predestination Paradox; of which a sequence of event causes another event to happen in which the initial event is also influenced by another event in the sequence, whereby the original event is caught in a loop which thus only exist in time travel and space time construct.

Cast: Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook and Noah Hawke (2014)

Director: Micheal and Peter Spierig


Predestination is one of those movies with ending that gets you wondering about the whys, hows and what should have been. That you end up telling someone else about your experiences in the hopes that you will get clarity.


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