It all began when children started to go missing from the distant village of LARIN.

They all thought it was the work of a vengeful spirit or demon.

Not until a girl escaped and her testimony will bring about a revelation.

The destruction of not only their village, but the whole world.

The story is about five specialist whose encounters with the supernatural will explain the logical concepts and relationship of our physical world with the spiritual.

The world is a place of mystery and also caution

Book Extract

Three days ago, it was reported that a child is missing.

That was the number eight child in the past 12 days of a series of abductions.

At first the neighboring village was the initial suspect which caused increased security around the boundary.

But the abduction still continued almost every day.

In all the cases, the pattern has been the same. The parent or guardian sent the child to buy something or to the river to fetch water and that is the last time the child was seen.

After the fourth child disappearance on the fifth day, the Baale (chief) of the village gave a decree that all schools must close by 1pm and no child should be allowed outside after 4pm, yet again another child still went missing in the most mysterious of ways.

It is clear that no outsider can come into town and take the kids then leave without crossing the boundary. Yet the mode of the disappearances still bedazzled and remains unexplained.

The sixth child is the most bizarre of all the cases.

The child was only four years old and the mother left him sleeping in the room to take something in the kitchen only to return a minute later to find the boy missing. The doors were locked and the windows barred yet it didn’t stop the kidnapper from adding to its victims.

A joint police force, local vigilante and volunteers were setup and a house to house search was conducted with no plausible result.

It was after the seventh child disappeared that it became clear that whoever took the kids is either a dreadful creature with abilities to disappear and walk through walls or it is a vengeful spirit, but definitely not a human being.

Then it was thought that the seventh child disappearance was the last streak not until two days ago, another girl disappeared.

Unlike the rest whose ages were between four and nine years, this girl was sixteen years old which caused more commotion and confusion in the village.

Has the kidnapper stepped up his game?” the BAALE asked during the emergency town’s meeting.

Maybe the spirit doesn’t like small children again” somebody in the crowd stated.

How long before even adults will start missing,” another person in the crowd added shouting.

The baale (chief) calmly gave a speech and declared that every household must volunteer a male to join the search party and every street must have at least four armed individuals parading on shift every day at every hour.

Earlier; after the iron door gave way to the mob, the district police officer gave orders to his officers to “bring Omidiran out alive”.

From where he stood, he could hear the crowd within the building rummaging through everything. More people charged inside with their weapons shouting.

The DPO hoped his boys will be on time. Then there was a loud explosive sound and the whole compound shook.

Even the DPO was thrown off his feet as he staggered to get his balance. He looked up to see a big yellow light glowing from the pent house illuminating the night sky.

What is going on up there” he wondered.

The DPO quickly opened the door of one of the vans and grabbed a double barrel and within seconds he was racing into the building.
He saw a man that fell at the bottom staircase and he tried to inquire what was happening but the man only blabbed on confusedly that the DPO annoyingly released him.

On reaching the last staircase to the penthouse level he stopped; expecting to see people crowd at the staircase but no one was there, all he heard was screams for some seconds and then silence.

He could perceive the smell of burnt flesh and he wondered if “The mob has lynched and burnt Omidiran’s body”.

One reaching the doorway he took a first glance inward and what he saw, he would only described it if he was given the opportunity to as “hell”.

The floor of the penthouse was littered with something that looked like parchments of burnt flesh.

The District police offer was on time to catch a glimpse of Omidiran standing and about four people; two men, one police officer and a woman cower away from Omidiran at the corner the scene.

Omidiran’s eyes were glowing yellow and the DPO wondered

why are they running away from him and where the rest of the people are”.

The DPO saw Omidiran facing the four people. He didn’t get closer to them but somehow they began to shriek and after a few seconds, their bodies suddenly combust and they disintegrated into dark parchments that covered the floor.

The DPO froze where he stood either out of fear or his brain just wouldn’t process anymore impulse. Omidiran ignored him moving to the edge and at that instant; he levitated into the air and started to descend over the balcony.

The DPO suddenly regaining consciousness of his situation, saw Omidiran descending and with all the courage he could resolve.
He ran to the balcony, aimed his weapon and pulled two shots at Omidiran’s back.

Omidiran paused in his descend unshaken by the gun fire, he continued to descend.“Bastard” the District police officer cursed aloud.

He aimed his weapon at Omidiran again to fire more shots but before he could pull the trigger, his arms caught fire and the fire began to spread within a quarter of a second to all over his body.

The DPO started to scream just as the others before him had done. The fire was now all over him and in a few seconds more even he will be reduced to “parchment of burnt flesh” he thought.

But before the flame completed its course, the DPO ran and threw himself over the balcony. He fell from over two stories height of the building, screaming as he crashed below.

There is no escape for the people of Larin village.
Indeed the gateway to hell has been opened and the whole world is to bear 

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