We constantly add new stories both free and paid . All you have to do is refer people to our stories. Any time the person you refer buys a book. You earn up to 20% on their purchase.


First you need to register as a member

Then activate your account.

Then you need to apply by filling a form. If you are already a member click
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Then login to your page.

select your preferred payout method (manual, paypal or check).

Note: we only payout with paypal to International affiliates

:Affiliates in Nigeria should select manual payout.

You will see you referrer link.

:Scroll to the creative section and copy different links to our stories.

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We track every referrer up to 7 days. (anybody you refer, even if they don’t buy immediately they click your link. As long as they come back and make a purchase, even without re-clicking your link. We will count them as your referrer and award you a certain percentage of their purchase).

We have a minimum threshold of #1200 (one thousand, two hundred naira) for affiliates in Nigeria and a minimum of $5 (five dollars) minus charges for International affiliates.

All our stories are affordable and within the range of 500-1000 naira ($1.50-$3).

You will earn between #100(naira)-#200 on every purchase you refer. or approximately (30cent – 60cent).

We payout every 10 days after you reach your minimum threshold.

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All you have to do is register and share your link.